Renee Ellmers (R-NC) is A Palin Clone

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Palin Clone: You elected me but I don't have any answers!

The evidence is in: Renee Ellmers (R-NC) is a Palin clone.

In other words, she doesn’t know anything, except how to say no. We all remember Sarah Palin’s inability to name anything she reads, or any Supreme Court decisions. Renee Ellmers must have thought those were great answers, because she hates healthcare reform, thinks it ought to be repealed; she says the Republicans have plenty of ideas in its place…but she can’t name a single damned one.

Of course, she’s another in a long line of newly-elected Republicans who have accepted socialized medicine for themselves while denying it to others. She whines that her $174,000 pay isn’t enough to live on in D.C. It might surprise Ms. Ellmers to know that quite a few people live on far less – and will lack insurance – thanks to her. The question is, how does she think it’s ethical for her to have an option but for nobody else to have one?

She tries to defend it, but there is no defense. Are her constituents really happy with her attitude? Are they really happy that Ellmers wants something she won’t let them have, and on top of it all opposes mandatory coverage for maternity care and pre-existing conditions?

The Republican Party is not only the Party of No, they are the Party of No Ideas. They just don’t have any. Not a one. Slash and burn is the order of the day. Scorched Earth: leave nothing behind for the enemy.

Q. You voted to repeal the health care law in the House, but that effort has stalled in the Senate. Do you think the American people are going to get tired of continuing to debate health care, especially if they want to see more movement on jobs and the economy?

A. I am sure it will be going to the Supreme Court and will be shot down as unconstitutional. I don’t think the American people are going to get tired of it because they see that this is a massive takeover of government in health care and every other aspect of their lives.

Q. If the health care law is repealed, do you think that people might get frustrated with not having some of the consumer protections such as children covered up until the age of 26 or help for seniors in the doughnut hole?

A. There again, we need to put in place patient-centered reforms. I don’t know that children need to be covered all the way up until age 26. But it has to be in the free market. The problem is we are losing the ability to make choices. That is your choice and this is the problem. We are losing the ability to make choices.

Q. There has been some criticism that Republicans don’t have a unified alternative. What is your strategy moving forward?

A. No. See, that is completely untrue. That is the rhetoric. We have plenty of solutions.

Q. Like what, specifically?

A. We have got to get the Obama plan out of the way. Again, we have already voted to repeal. We are working on the provision to get rid of the 1099 (reporting requirement for business purchases). There are plenty of other aspects of the health care bill that fall apart when one piece of the puzzle is taken out, so this is what we are doing. We are moving forward on this whether or not the Democrats and the Senate or the president are coming along.

I think we have made our message very clear. I think the American people hear that message. Overwhelmingly, the American people want this health care situation addressed. They want it addressed in the free market. The want it addressed where they can make their decisions for their own families and not have the president and the government make it for them.

Of course, it’s the Republicans – like Ellmers – who want to make those decisions for people, say by preventing them from having healthcare insurance, by taking away coverage for pre-existing conditions or pregnancy.

Here’s the clincher: Ellmers is the chair of the House Subcommittee on Health and Technology. Isn’t having ideas supposed to be part of her job? Why did she bother to run for office if she had no ideas? Why did she end up the chair of this subcommittee if she has no ideas? According to Kaiser Health News (KHN),

She knows the health care system well, having worked as a nurse for nearly 20 years and serving as clinical director of the Trinity Wound Care Center in Dunn, N.C. Her husband, a surgeon, also works there.

Really? You’d think with that kind of background she’d have all sorts of ideas.

She assures us that the Republicans do have “plenty of solutions.” Fine. Name one. You’ve been in the medical field for 20 years and your only idea is to take medical care away from people? Give them nothing in return?

And don’t mimic Palin and tell lies to justify your position. Ellmers wants the provision in healthcare reform that allows a dependent to stay on a parent’s plan until they’re 26 taken out and she lied when she said that healthcare reform is a “government takeover of healthcare” since it is no such thing: the private healthcare insurance system is still in place.

We have to assume that she’s not so dimwitted that she’s not aware of this. The conclusion then is that she is being a typical Republican and simply lying outright regardless of the facts. Just more evidence that the Republicans want to destroy things, they want to take things away, but they have nothing to offer in their place. Ellmers and people like her are agents of anarchy and nihilism. She has nothing to offer you but she is more than willing to take everything she can get for herself.

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