New Video Proves Fox News Lied About Wisconsin Reporter Attack

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Fox News has been caught in another lie. New video released today proves that Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was neither punched nor attacked by protesters in Madison, Wisconsin. Fox News invented a story in order to make the Wisconsin protesters look bad. Only this time they were caught as a member of the crowd filmed the real scene as it happened.

This is what Fox News viewers saw:

It is interesting that the camera just happened to cut away before Mike Tobin exclaimed, “That guy just hit me!” What is even more discouraging is that the media ran with the story that Tobin was assaulted by a protester even though there was no video evidence documenting the alleged assault. Lucky for us that we don’t have to rely on the media for pesky little details like facts and evidence, the supposed punch was captured by a member of the crowd in Madison.

Here is what really happened from Live Leak:

It is not a coincidence that just as Mike Tobin was discussing the crowd’s hatred of Fox News before the “punch” was thrown. Tobin said, “You can still hear the passion in the crowd. The heckling is starting up again…the hate that you get from these demonstrators, you can see it in their faces…you can see the passion. That they all committed to come back to the same thing every time. I was getting the business from a teacher yesterday. There he goes (a protester puts a sign in front of the camera)! He wants to shut down the communication. A teacher was giving me the business yesterday and the teacher told me she hates me because it makes her feel good.”

Fox News was doing what they do better than anyone else. They were selling a narrative that the protesters in Wisconsin aren’t average middle class Americans fighting for their freedom. According to Fox News the protesters are violent union thugs. By the way, the myth of the violent union thug is a staple stereotype used by all supporters of management in a labor dispute. The portrayal is nothing new, and neither is Fox News’ replacement of partisan narrative with fact in their “news” programming.

The new video shows that the assault on Mike Tobin, just like the ACORN and the Shirley Sherrod videos before it was another Fox News lie. There was no assault on Mike Tobin. Fox News made it up in order to discredit the Wisconsin protesters. The media is complicit in pushing the falsehoods sold by Fox News, and now that they have once again been duped by GOP State Television don’t expect them to rush into an apology, or even apologize at all.

Fox News would not be able to get away with distorting the political discourse in this country through propaganda and lies if the rest of the media wasn’t such a willing partner. The media willingly turns a blind eye and reports these Fox News fairy tales as truth because those tall tales make for ratings and hits. Journalism has been replaced with cheap and easy sensationalism.

The media’s dilemma is no longer whether they should get it fast or get it right. Today’s media is all about getting it cheap and easy. Fox News narratives are so cheap and easy that most of the press is willing to roll over and be the conservative movement’s whore. Sure some of them feel bad about it in the morning, but they rationalize it as doing what they have to do to get by.

There was no attack on Mike Tobin but that hasn’t stopped the media from pushing the story because it fits into their anti-union bias. Fox News lied. To anyone even casually familiar with the history of Fox News this isn’t really news, but isn’t time that we called on the rest of the media to stop enabling and encouraging Rupert Murdoch’s slander of liberty and the middle class American dream?

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