Eminem Knows More About The Real Detroit Than Glenn Beck Ever Will

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Eminem's Detroit is the Real Detroit

Recently, Glenn Beck spread his attack on liberty to the great state of Michigan where he tried to blame the unions for the struggles of Detroit, which he compared to Hiroshima. The spirit and soul of Detroit is something that Beck will never comprehend. If you want to learn about the real Detroit forget Glenn Beck and instead listen to Eminem.

Glenn Beck said the following regarding Hiroshima: “The government helped rebuild it but it was the people who rebuilt it.” Then he contrasted that by saying, take a look at Detroit, “One city embraced free market system and the entrepreneurial spirit, the other embraced progressive policies and corrupt government and unions and companies that weren’t allowed to fail. And they should have failed because they stunk on ice. They begged for a bail out and got one. And the unions bosses did their share too, whereas Hiroshima has nearly quadrupled in size since the attack, not so much with Detroit.”

He went on to discuss Detroit’s poverty rate and education failures. He used Detroit to demonstrate that the big 3 “sucked” and that the unions ruined Detroit. This just goes to show that Beck knows nothing about Detroit and the auto businesses. Yes, I’m sure you’re shocked.

In point of fact, “Detroit” is used by people who aren’t from Detroit to refer to the auto companies, so Beck used the statistics from Detroit to prove that unions suck and progressives suck. This is sort of like using the poverty rate of South Carolina to decry Georgia’s policies. Yes, they are close together, but the auto company plants are not located in Detroit anymore and they haven’t been for a long time. Most of the folks who work at the auto companies don’t live in Detroit; they live in suburbs of Detroit often an hour away or more from Detroit in cities that have their own statistics.

As for Glenn Beck’s notion that the Big 3 “sucked” and his snide comments about them asking for a bail out, as usual Beck misleads his audience. The Big 3 have repaid their loan, unlike the rest of Wall Street (hey, Bank of America, how about it?). In fact, MSNBC reported, “The U.S. auto sales recovery picked up steam last month with all major car companies reporting double-digit gains. General Motors Co. led the way with a whopping 49 percent U.S. sales jump compared with February of last year, followed closely by Toyota Motor Corp. with a 42 percent gain.” Wait, is that the union monster GM leading the pack of recovery? Why, yes, it is.

Beck laid the “failure” of the Big 3 at the union’s feet, claiming that the unions want to do “massive social change” and are full of freeloaders who asked for “special favors.” In reality, the Big 3 didn’t fail, their struggles weren’t the result of the unions, and collective bargaining is not massive social change; it is, in fact, actually a tradition in free countries, supported by the UN and by all major faiths.

Glenn Beck is a con artist shill who knows nothing about Detroit. He has obviously never been there or he would know that the auto manufacturing plants aren’t in Detroit. He hears “Motor City,” and assumes that he can use the dismal statistics of Detroit to smear the place where auto manufacturing once ruled, years ago.

When Beck maligns Detroit, he’s unknowingly smearing all of Michigan because there isn’t a town in Michigan that isn’t impacted by the auto companies’ failures or successes. Michigan has had more than their share of struggles, but the city Beck maligns, the state he maligns and the industry he maligns are the heartbeat of America. Detroit may be a lot of things, but a city of whiners it is not.

Glenn Beck ought to go to that heartland of America he keeps talking about one day and meet the people he so casually slanders. But before he even gets to that, he should look at a map. Someone needs to bail Glenn Beck out from his stupidity, his laziness, and his blatant disregard for the truth.

Eminem doesn’t actually live in Detroit contrary to the image he sells. Eminem’s 8 Mile is not the 8 Mile of downtown Detroit, but rather a suburb of it. But people like Beck will never understand that because they have not been to Detroit and don’t believe in learning things about cultures and people other than themselves. However, Eminem understands Detroit better than Glenn Beck ever will; he lives next door to it.

Here’s Eminem in the Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler about Detroit.

This commercial shows what Detroit is; a downtrodden city full of the grit and determination of the Midwestern people. They never asked for “special favors” from anyone. The only thing they ever asked for was a job to put bread on the table. How dare Glenn Beck throw stones at them from his bunker of lies at Fox News.

Glenn Beck wants his audience to believe that if we had allowed the Big 3 to go under, Detroit would be better off. He uses Hiroshima as an example of this, claiming the government helped those people too, but they did the “work”. Just who in the hell does he think is doing the work in Detroit? Does Glenn Beck think the entire state of Michigan is just sitting on their duffs, waiting for government to bail them out?

Governor Walker is a great example of what happens when government officials listen to Glenn Beck. In fact, Michigan has had a Republican controlled State Senate and House for quite a while now. Maybe Beck should look there for some of the failed fiscal policies that hurt the state. Now Michigan’s new Republican Governor Snyder wants to try the same tactics as Scott Walker is trying in Wisconsin.

Beck’s illogical rant is really an attempt to preemptively smear unions to spark a hunger in his audience for the destruction of Detroit and its unions, so when the Michigan governor tries the same thing as Walker, his audience will be primed with self-righteous disgust for the lazy people of Michigan who want something for nothing.

What does Glenn Beck have against auto company unions that provided a decent living wage for the average American? Those unions afforded people who had no benefit of a college education and didn’t have rich parents to subsidize them a way to earn a decent living with hard work. There is nothing more American than that, and this equal opportunity for financial security is something this entire country should be proud of.

If Glenn Beck gets his way, America will be a third world nation and everyone who isn’t privileged like he is or as unethical as he is will be starving in the streets.

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