Scott Walker Would Rather Be Hauled Into Court Than Talk to Unions

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King Walker Keeps On Costing His State

King Walker Finds Himself In Hot Water Again Over Unfair Labor Practices

If you watch Fox News, this will come as a big shock to you, but the Wisconsin workers have already agreed to all of Walker’s concessions on wages, benefits and pensions. King Walker is refusing to sit down to bargain a compromise, because this isn’t about money it’s about a thug kneecapping unions with one unilateral kick. Walker has already been found guilty of violating labor law just in January of this year, so this new complaint should come as no surprise. The Wisconsin State Employees Union (AFSCME Council 24) has filed a complaint alleging that Walker is violating his legal duty to negotiate in good faith. You betcha.

The AFLCIO reports: “In a press release, Council 24 Executive Director Marty Beil said:
This governor has never made any attempt to contact the unions he is attacking, much less negotiate in good faith as required by law.

Instead of trying to find real solutions to the challenges facing the state, the governor is attempting to dictate terms. This not only in ineffective, it’s against the law.

“It is time for the governor to be held accountable. He is ignoring the court of public opinion, with hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters and 74 percent of Wisconsin voters opposing his attacks on bargaining rights. If he continues to ignore the public, we have no choice but to turn to the courts,” Beil said.

The King has a past of doing playing fast and loose with the law. In once such instance, while serving as Milwaukee County Executive, Scotty made a mess of an attempt to privatize courthouse security during which he replaced union workers with private contractors from a firm in the United Kingdom called G4S Wackenhut (of the Afghanistan nipple kissing Vokda bum frat boy fame). Not only did he save a lot less than had been announced, but the criminal history of the former head of the newly hired private security force was a tad embarrassing. But it got worse and more costly.

The County Board overrode Walker’s decision, but he – apparently feeling divinely ordained and therefor not compelled to follow our little laws here on earth – plowed illegally forward claiming a budget “emergency.”

After an arbitration board found no real emergency actually existed, and ordered Walker to reinstate the union guards, Walker’s hubris ended up costing the tax payers about half a million dollars. There you go, folks. Now how many union salaries did that little move cost? Oh, but it’s A-OK to throw money away on incompetent power grabs when you’re a “fiscal conservative,” but you must never, ever allow a working person to make a decent wage – to do so would be “rewarding failure.”

Looks to me like Walker knows a lot about using state money to reward his own failure. Instead of coming after collective bargaining rights, Walker should be brushing up on that elitist thingy known as the law. And after that, maybe the GOP could send him to college where he could take a math class and learn just what a “budget” is, because last I heard, collective bargaining is not a budgetary item.

So when Scotty claims, “We are legal,” his words ring hollow to the informed.

The Journal Sentinel reports, “On Feb. 18, Beil asked Walker in a letter to allow negotiators to resume bargaining. The state has not replied, the complaint said. The complaint asks the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission to force the state to bargain with the union.

Walker addressed the issue in a news conference in La Crosse in video captured by WKBT-TV. “We’re completely legal. We’ve looked at this issue,” Walker said. “They can file suits but the law is on our side.” Walker said the state lacks the resources to bargain in good faith.

“We don’t have anything to offer. The state’s broke,” Walker said.

But Scotty, no one is asking you for money. Why won’t you sit down to talk to the unions, as required by law and by the contract you are compelled to uphold as Governor? And if money is such an issue, why won’t sit down to talk with the unions thereby avoiding unnecessary legal fees? Scott Walker would rather be hauled into court than sit down to talk with union members.

Here’s a fiscal solution for Scotty: Fire yourself, Scott. Your incompetence and willful disregard for the law are costing your state a lot of money, and the bleeding has just begun. You say you are about budgets? Prove it. Sit down and talk.

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