Glenn Beck Attacks Wisconsin Teachers and Police For Supporting Protesters

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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck attacked both the teachers and the police who are supporting their protests in Wisconsin. Beck labeled the teachers “useful idiots,” and he claimed that the police have, “thrown in with the socialists.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “We talked today about the police in Seattle. We haven’t talked yet about the police in Wisconsin who are now throwing in with the socialists and the teachers. I mean some of the people who are there are just useful idiots. They don’t know what’s really going on. They don’t know that this is a coordinated effort, and the police, unfortunately in Wisconsin have now thrown in with the protesters in the capitol, and they are not forcing them to leave, which they have to leave. They’re calling this now social justice. No, that is the problem. It is justice for all. Equal justice for all, not special justice. If the Tea Parties were there and they were camped out in the rotunda, they should leave if they’re supposed to, and I’d be the first to say it, obey the law, period, but now the police aren’t forcing them out.”

In case you are wondering who or what the teachers and police are useful idiots for, Beck went on to reveal the vast union conspiracy spearheaded by SEIU to bring about a new world order through the creation of a global workers union. Beck warned that through this global union the western way of life will be destroyed.

Here is the audio:

The point is that the teachers and police are ignorant fools who are pawns in vast global conspiracy to destroy the western way of life simply because they want to maintain the right to collectively bargain. Beck now claims that the SEIU was behind the protests in Egypt and the overthrow of Mubarak. (Last week, Google was behind the overthrow of Mubarak. I think someone is having trouble keeping his conspiracy theories straight).

Glenn Beck’s comments had two purposes here. He wanted to both terrify his audience, and try to break the solidarity of the protesters. By floating a wild conspiracy theory, he was trying to get the police to stop supporting the protesters. This also provides Beck the added bonus painting a picture of the breakdown of law and order which he can then use to terrify his listeners for days on end. Glenn Beck intellectual relationship to both facts and current events has become tangential He is now firmly based in the realm of using current events as the bounce off point for his conspiracy theories.

The reason why the police are standing with the protesters is simple. They are also a union. They know that if Scott Walker breaks the other public sector unions, they will be next. Walker is an ideologue. His goal is not limited to breaking up some of the unions. He won’t stop until all the public sector unions are gone. This will eventually include the police and firefighters.

After the “David Koch” phone call, Gov. Walker has proven that his word means nothing, so it would be wise for all public sector employees in Wisconsin not to trust the word of their governor.

There is a conspiracy at work in Wisconsin, but it isn’t Beck’s new world order. The conspiracy is between Republican billionaires and the politicians they own. They are conspiring to break the back of both the unionization movement and Democratic Party.

Don’t let the ranting of Glenn Beck distract you. The teachers and the police know what is really at stake in Wisconsin, and even though most of the media won’t tell them about it, the American people know a true battle for liberty and freedom when they see it.

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