Crosshairs Trigger Restraining Order For Devout Sarah Palin Disciple

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The Ugly Underbelly of Sarah Palin

Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Christian Palin Fan Who Threatened with “Crosshairs”

You may have been wondering just how Sarah Palin has the people of Alaska shriveled in fear. Well, this story shines a light on the underworld of the Palin cult who’ve been terrorizing citizens for years and no, that’s not hyperbole. A court in Anchorage Alaska recently issued a restraining order against Clare Goodchild, a devout Palin fan, who threatened Andree McLeod, a government watchdog. Goodchild threatened McLeod in a January post of the Anchorage Craigslist writing, “So I have my scope cross hair on her head! She better watch out, the request may have been her last!”

Anchorage Christian conservative and huge Palin fan Clare Goodchild has been slapped with a 6 month restraining order after threatening the filer of multiple ethics violation charges, Andree McLeod. Just days before the Arizona massacre Clare Goodchild wrote:

“I find it very offensive that Andre Mclead (sic) is asking the state for every e-mail written or received in ANY account maintained by Palin and her husband,” Goodchild said in the e-mail to the Daily News, signing it only as “Clare.”

“Where does this b*tch get off thinking the public should shell out for her revenge for the Palin family. I’ve heard enough from this, and I would like to use stronger words to express my feeling for Andre (sic). Well… I think Andre (sic) has used up to (sic) much oxygen. So I have my scope cross hair on her head! She better watch out, the request may have been her last!”

This same woman has the following quote on her MySpace page: “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Gosh, this sounds sweet until we recall that Palin’s religion is the warrior for Jesus religion; the one where they teach children to be willing to die for Jesus and fight for Jesus as they worship a cardboard cut out of George W Bush and talk about holy wars. How far does this notion of fighting for Jesus go and just who is their new cardboard cut out?

In emails exchanged with The Anchorage Daily News Goodchild claims, “I am a conservative, grew up in a spiritual home, going to church several times a week,” the e-mail writer said in a subsequent message. “Hunting was a way of life for my parents, and I have continued in that tradition. I can identify with the Palin’s.”
She described herself as “far from perfect, but I know I have honesty and integrity.”

See, Clare believes Sarah Palin’s narrative that the ethics violations complaints were all frivolous and cost the state so much money that Palin decided to step down. Clare is identifying with Palin on a very personal level. She saw Palin attacked and it’s like her way of life being attacked, a notion Palin stokes at every opportunity.

In point of fact, while some of the complaints may appear frivolous, when viewed in totality they establish that Sarah Palin did indeed misuse her office and did indeed suffer from some major ethics problems. What Palin sold to her flock that she was exonerated of all of them, but this isn’t true. Several of the ethics violations were settled by Palin paying the state back, which implies guilt. Palin was also found guilty of violating state ethics laws in Troopergate by the bipartisan panel, but she claimed she was, “glad to be cleared of any wrong doing there”. This was blatantly untrue.

Goodchild acknowledged to the ADN that “…her first e-mail was a threat against McLeod. She did nothing to withdraw it. “Yes, I know I made threats. I really hate that women (sic),” she wrote.”

Clare believes Sarah Palin is being persecuted because the media never bothers to correct Palin’s narratives. If you believed that someone who was “just like you” was being relentlessly persecuted, and you were raised to be a warrior for Christ, and you thought Palin was Queen Esther (a narrative Palin has pushed herself) here to save America from the anti-Christ, you might also be driven to such rage.

If the crosshairs reference gave you chills post Arizona massacre, you won’t be comforted knowing that this threat came just days before that horrific tragedy. And the faxes taken from Jared Loughner’s (the alleged shooter) home so closely resembled the verbiage of the threats made by Palin disciples against State Senator Yee (D-CA) that Yee was contacted by Pima, Arizona Sheriffs who are investigating the massacre in Arizona. The sheriffs felt the faxed death threats Senator Yee received from Palin fans last year were similar to faxes in the Arizona massacre case.

Yet still the media clings to the narrative that the right wing hate mongers like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck don’t incite violence. But the facts of this story shine light on the previously missing link between the violence and the blind rage, providing insight into the mental workings of a Palin fan, someone who believes Palin’s story of victimization and is naturally outraged. Someone who believes Palin is being tortured for being a Christian, not because she violated ethics laws. The words of Sarah Palin and the narrative that Palin sells was bought and internalized until Clare Goodchild became enraged enough to write that she wanted to make sure Andree McLeod didn’t take up any more “oxygen”.

The actions of Goodchild demonstrate that words do matter. Even seemingly innocent words matter. Narratives matter. Unchallenged narratives matter. And they can and do lead to violence.

No one stirs up the Christian conservative violence like Sarah. Remember, this is the woman who turned the Arizona massacre into a feeling that she had been “blood libeled” by the press when they called attention to the fact that Palin had placed cross hairs over shooting victim Gabby Gifford’s name in a graphic. See, Palin thought she was the victim, not the shooting victims.

Yes, indeed, Sarah Palin has a unique ability to galvanize her loyal fans into taking vindictive, cruel action against her perceived foes. This talent is exacerbated by Palin’s Nixonian ability to see enemies everywhere. During Palin’s tenure, she wasn’t averse to using the power of her office to go on vendettas against citizens. She allegedly spent much more time settling personal scores and imagined slights than actually governing. Troopergate was an example of one of Palin’s longest lasting vendettas, during which she and her husband Todd spent countless hours and state resources in an obsessive attempt to get an ex-brother-in-law fired. Palin even set her administration on personal vendettas, effectively using the state’s resources for personal gain.

The ADN reported, “Goodchild said in court that she and her husband own four guns. Ray ordered her to stay more than 500 feet from McLeod’s home and directed her to not confront, stalk or contact McLeod.”

The court issues a restraining order but did not revoke Goodchild’s gun privileges. The restraining order is for 500 feet. What kinds of guns does Goodchild own? 500 feet won’t protect McLeod against a gun. This is an eerie example of how our gun laws and restraining order laws often fail us. Let’s hope in this case Goodchild regretted her actions, but since she engaged in emails with the ADN days after her original threat and was still full of self-professed hate, I can’t find a lot of comfort here.

These are Christians who speak in tongues, dedicate states to God in an ode to holy wars, hold Machiavellian beliefs and implement Old Testament vindictiveness and vendettas. They cuss publicly without shame, name call, take animal life without regret or honor, and believe they are in the right no matter what the facts dictate. They are not mainstream Christians and the anger and rage that propels them is foreign to many who grew up in a mainstream Christian religion.

The ingredients for tragedy are all here: Guns, self-anointed martyr, a lazy media, irresponsible stalking laws, wide open gun laws, mindless followers who question nothing and one charismatic leader with supposed divine authority who can sell a dangerous lie with a sunny smile. Goodchild claims she’s a Christian conservative who goes to church several times a week and has integrity. Her vile threats against another citizen have yet to be condemned by Sarah Palin.

Let’s hope Goodchild gets the help she needs and that McLeod is safe to pursue her constitutionally protected right to challenge her own government.

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