Real Americans Rally to Defend the American Dream from King Walker

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Rally Against King Walker in New York, Sat Feb 26 2011

Rallies to Save the American Dream Sweep the Country

It’s 18 degrees in Madison, Wisconsin this morning but that’s not stopping the determined surge of support for the workers as they gear up for their rally today. Methinks Scotty Walker made a big mistake here; a mistake that is only becoming more and more obvious as time goes on and paints Scotty into a corner of no return, where he faces only two choices: be recalled or back down.

Oh, but don’t let’s get ahead of ourselves and miss all of the fun. In what can only be seen as a big ole smack in the face to Governor I am King Walker, last night Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, announced that the union is formally requesting its members from across the state to come to the Capitol to sleep amongst the throngs of other union supporters. Oh, now, that is hot Jim! Show ‘em who’s boss around here.

Palmer stated, “Law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong, and Governor Walker’s attempt to eliminate the collective voice of Wisconsin’s devoted public employees is wrong. That is why we have stood with our fellow employees each day and why we will be sleeping among them tonight.”

Yes, law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong, unlike Sir Little Boy Playing Master of the Universe. Psst….they also know the law. Something Scotty clearly needs to brush up on after his union firing debacle last year came back to bite him in the bum just last month and he still hasn’t learned that he isn’t King of Wisconsin. Who will break it to him that in America, we don’t in fact have kings? Oh, let him find that out the hard way.

Maybe Scotty can take a clue from Real Americans across the country from New York to Oklahoma City, rallying to stand up to Scott Walker and support Wisconsin workers while they defend the American dream of jobs for the middle class. Or maybe Scotty could have had a rethink about unilateral decision making yesterday, when 3100 people showed their support at a New Jersey rally. But you know, Scotty watches Fox News so he might have no idea what’s going on or even what country he’s in, unless he watches Shep who is apparently the only sane person allowed in front of their cameras.

Even before the rallies began this morning, Scotty got another black eye when organizations from the National Basketball Association’s Player’s Association (NBAPA) to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) voiced their support for those “lazy” “freeloading” teachers and cops.

The Nation reports that NBAPA Executive Director Billy Hunter said, “Last night’s vote by the Wisconsin Assembly was an attempt to undermine organized labor and the men and women across the country who depend on their unions for a voice in the workplace. The NBPA proudly supports our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and their stand for unequivocal collective bargaining rights.”

Milwaukee Bucks basketball player and union leader in Wisconsin Keyon Dooling followed Hunter’s endorsement with this, “Wisconsin public-sector workers tirelessly deliver services on a daily basis to millions of Wisconsin residents. The right of these hard-working men and women to organize and bargain collectively is fundamental. Wisconsin’s workers deserve better than last night’s vote. Today, our union stands proudly with our fellow union members throughout the state as they continue their fight.”

That had to hurt.

And of course, the Hollywood elite stuck their nose into Scotty’s fiefdom. SAG and AFTRA members will be in Wisconsin today showing their support for middle class jobs and human rights unless Republicans can find a way to stop them. Last I heard, Republicans liked sports so I’m not sure how Scotty can write the NBPA off but I’m sure knowing nothing about entertainment other than being a unintentional source of it himself, Scotty will miss the point that the SAG actors and AFTRA members standing up to him represent middle class workers across this nation – not just Hollywood. They are, in fact, on his local TV at night reading the news. And on his local radio station. And they have friends in the Teamsters Union and the Grip and Electric Unions and the Directors Union and the…well, you get the idea. It’s going to be hard for Scotty to hate on all of those people, isn’t it?

Oh, let’s not underestimate the ability of a Republican to smear all working Americans as either “freeloaders” or “elitist” or both. If they have one talent, it’s the ability to make no sense whilst lying and still have their minions parroting after them like good little monkeys.

Americans across the country recognize that if collective bargaining rights can be stripped away in a strong union state like Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere. Oh, and it will my friends. It will. This is all part of the Republican Shock and Awe campaign against the American middle class. They are kicking the middle class and labor while they’re down – a deliberate strategy in the shock and awe campaign, not an accident. First they drove the economy into the ditch (this, I believe, may have simply been an accident due to their reckless fiscal “policies”) and now they’re coming for your rights, thinking you will cling to your jobs out of fear and terror (right where they like you) even as they lower your pay to nothing, rip away your universally recognized collective bargaining rights and force your children to work.

They don’t know Americans very well.

On top of the entertainment and sports industries, other lawmakers – over 270 actually, representing 44 states and hailing from both sides of the aisle — expressed their solidarity with the Wisconsin state senators who are refusing to have this bill shoved down their throat unilaterally. The lawmakers said they were committed to negotiating constructively in fairness. Oh, gee…fairness? We can’t have that in Scotty’s fiefdom! He’s got to give those no bid contracts for the plants to the Koch brothers. It was his belated Valentine to them.

Y’all are making Scotty cry and you know only Boehners cry.

Contrary to the propaganda the Republican Party is selling right now, not only do all workers have a fundamental right to join unions and to engage in collective bargaining over workplace issues, but this right is not just American – it’s a part of human rights as guaranteed by the UN, which makes the Republican Party a rogue actor against freedom and human rights.

Of course, this is nothing new…nothing to see here — nothing but a bunch of hard working Americans kicking some serious blowback at King Scotty.

As Republicans amp up their war against the worker in the land of the “free”, Americans are showing them just what the home of the brave is all about by refusing to cave into Republicans’ draconian, unilateral demands. Here’s one of the chants overheard in Wisconsin: “Don’t cut teachers, don’t cut cops, collect taxes from the top.” Ya’ hear that, Scotty? Can you say backfire?

This ain’t 2000, 2001 or 2002. We watched, we listened, we learned. The Republicans messed with the wrong people this time.

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