Ann Coulter Tells Sarah Palin to Forget 2012 and Stick to Twitter

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Stick to Twitter Sarah!

Ann Coulter weighed in on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night regarding the 2012 race, urging Sarah Palin to stick to Twitter where she does her thing and is “huge.” Coulter then came out and said Palin only claims to run for office for the money. Ann Coulter went out of her way to make sure Sarah Palin knew her place and that is not running for President. Ouch.

Watch here courtesy of Media Matters:

Coulter droned, “She is so huge right now, she has so much power, she sends out a Twitter on death panels and she shuts down the healthcare debate. It would be a step down for Sarah Palin to run for President…It’s like saying should Rush Limbaugh run for President. No, I think Rush should keep doing what he’s doing, I think you should keep doing what you’re doing. I think Sarah Palin should keep doing what she’s doing. I don’t think she’s going to run. But that’s the only one….”

Hannity countered, “She got the interview and she’s leaving the door open. She said she’s considering…”

Coulter dismissed this, “I think she said that because Newt told her you get higher speaking fees if you pretend to run for President.”

Hannity clung to his New Religion, “Oh, he’s gonna run. I’ll predict that right now. And I think Sarah Palin’s gonna run. If she runs, would you support her?”

Ah, the infighting of wing nuts. It’s a beautiful thing if it’s not happening between Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. At any rate, what’s really going on here is Ann is carrying water for the establishment GOP who desperately want Sarah Palin to reconsider her bid for 2012 lest she splinter the vote, which she will most assuredly do if she runs.

And you thought Sarah Palin never did anything for America. If she runs for President, she will give Democrats a huge, two-sided gift. Not only will she motivate an unprecedented get out the vote grassroots Democratic campaign, but she will also divide the Republican Party between the establishment and the insurgent Tea Party (aka, the far right the GOP uses for elections and then the morning after loses their number).

Ann Coulter suggested that Palin only says she’s running for office to get larger speaking fees, implying that Palin is playing her base and the system for cash. This isn’t a new idea, Palin’s been selling herself out for as long as dinosaurs have walked with her, but it’s highly unusual for a Republican to accuse her of such unseemly behavior. Of course, maybe in their circles groveling for money isn’t a bad thing.

I hope someone tells Sarah Palin that Ann Coulter likened her to Rush Limbaugh. Ann Coulter thinks Sarah Palin doesn’t belong in office, but rather should stay “huge” on Twitter, implying that Palin is nothing but an entertainer.

Dare I say that I finally agree with Ann Coulter on something? But I suspect that Ann is much more entertained by Palin than am I.

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