Scott Walker’s History Exposes a Dark, Illegal Past Behind The Choir Boy Face

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The Dirty Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s History of Dirty Tactics and Illegal Campaigning

We already know that Scott Walker made a costly mistake last year in Milwaukee when he fired union security guards, but is that all? Or is Scott a serial offender and repeater the George W Bush belief that “anything goes so long as I get my way”?

Little Scotty is indeed a serial offender, it turns out. And just as guilty of being a failure in the free market of education and ideas as W as well. But you already figured that, since he’s a Tea Party candidate. And what do they stand for if not ignorance combined with aggressively stupid power grabs better belonging to a dictatorship than a democratic republic like America. Scott is so comfy down in the mud and dirt that he doesn’t seem to have an off button. Scott was found guilty of illegal campaigning while in college and the local paper, that had previously been neutral, finally declared Scotty “unfit for Presidency.”

The Marquette Tribune reported last fall:

Walker attended Marquette from 1986 t0 1990, but never attained a degree (see page 5). His sophomore year, Walker ran for president of the Associated Students of Marquette University (ASMU, the former title for Marquette Student Government). He was accused of violating campaign guidelines on multiple occasions.

The Tribune reported then that he was found guilty of illegal campaigning two weeks before his candidacy became official. Later, a Walker campaign worker was seen placing brochures under doors at the YMCA. Door-to-door campaigning was strictly prohibited.
Walker initially denied this but later admitted to the violation, which resulted in lost campaign privileges at the YMCA.

In the run-up to Election Day, the Tribune’s editorial board endorsed Walker’s opponent John Quigley, but said either candidate had the potential to serve effectively. However, the Tribune revised its editorial the following day, calling Walker “unfit for presidency.”

A pause while we wonder just what kind of person is so ambitious, so malevolent, so Machiavellian ends-justify-the-means type that they repeatedly campaign illegally in college. If a person starts cheating so maliciously in college that they are called “unfit” for the job they seek when the stakes are basically nothing compared to a state wide or national fight, it’s safe to conclude that they are already the dredges of ethics in politics. Lucky for Scott, this inability to operate in an ethical manner makes him a star in the modern Republican Party.

But it’s not just his lack of ethics that marked Scott as a Republican star. No, he also had that other must have quality for the modern day party; Scott never finished college. The Journal Sentinel reported:

“Walker declined to release his transcripts, but his campaign said he had a grade-point average of 2.59, in the C’s. He had just established status as a senior when he left after four years of mostly full-time coursework at Marquette University. Walker’s supporters – and even some of his detractors – say it shouldn’t matter that he didn’t attain a degree.

“There are tens of thousands of people with master’s degrees who don’t have the common sense God gave a rabbit,” said state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), who has a law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Whether you spend two, four (or) six years hanging around a classroom has no bearing on whether you can hold elective office. . . . Anybody who knows Scott Walker knows he could take six months off and sit in a boring classroom and it wouldn’t make him one whit more qualified.””

Hey, fellas, you don’t have to tell me. I would place money that Scott Walker couldn’t become more qualified under any circumstances because he suffers from a failure to think critically. He is incapable of learning and applying information to new situations. He is fundamentally an ignorant person, doomed to repeat his violations of state law because he can’t seem to grasp the concept of limited powers.

And that’s just the way the Republican Party likes their candidates; dumb as toast, dumb enough to think they know the answers. Dumb enough to never second-guess themselves. And while a college education doesn’t guarantee that one will develop critical thinking skills, it’s a mighty fine attempt toward growing one’s intellectual capacity. So, if one found themselves wanting intellectually, they might take advantage of the free market opportunity to succeed by pursuing with excellence a college degree. But that’s not how the Republican Party rolls.

Republicans want us to lower our standards for their candidates. In order to justify this, they say the common person can lead as well as the “elite”. And they sure can, Bubbas – but why can’t that common man do his level best to be the best he can be? What does the Republican Party have against merit and hard work? Why is the Republican Party marketing mediocrity and immorality as their New Great Thing?

Obviously Republicans are afraid of successful, intelligent people who aren’t afraid to use the sense God gave them to pursue every opportunity given to them in this great land in order to better themselves. See, that’s the common person most of us can get behind – the hard working one, the one with common sense, the one who knows enough to know he/she doesn’t know everything and is willing to humbly submit to education. But humility isn’t something Republicans value either, along with ethics and education.

And then there’s the Nixonian secrecy, paranoia and over sensitivity about his failure to compete in the free market of education. He refused to release his transcripts (so much for transparency). He had an uninspiring GPA. We don’t know whether it was his low grade point average or his illegal activities that drove him to drop out. But we do know this makes him ripe fruit to run for President on the Republican ticket. Gosh, I can see the debates between Scotty and Sarah now. Oh, how the mighty GOP have fallen. But this is what happens when a Party sells out to the Koch brothers and the religious right and basically stands for nothing; they have to dumb everyone else down to keep them from catching on to the fact that the GOP doesn’t stand for fiscal responsibility, hard work, meritocracy, free market principles, or equal opportunity. They stand for whatever the Koch brothers et al want and then they run around trying to spin that to make it appealing to the American people; hence, the “common man” y’all want to have a beer with narrative.

The TeaPublican’s propensity for college dropouts is obvious. Not only are their media leaders college drop outs (any and all of ‘em), but their political leaders are too (as Karl Rove, that bastion of thuggery demonstrated so well). While I would never suggest one must have a college degree in order to run for any office, I would suggest that it would be a good thing to have. We are, after all, attempting to have the cream rise to the top, no? Our leaders are supposed to be role models for our children, right? Don’t tell anyone, but it’s the Republicans who keep claiming they are for a meritocracy (“if you lazy liberals want something, come and work for it like we do”) and yet in reality, they are running and winning the race to the bottom.

Republicans want a free market and yet they want handicaps for their candidates: We are supposed to lower the bar for Sarah Palin who doesn’t read, for Christine O’Donnell who doesn’t read and cheats on her campaign finances, for Jan Brewer who never went to college and can’t manage a budget without murdering people, and for Scott Walker who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know about his own state constitution and laws. See, that’s the thing about ignorant people, they make great puppets.

Scott is busy violating his state constitution by attempting to unilaterally revoke some unions collective bargaining powers while leaving others in place, and clearly violating the contractual agreement between the state and the workers and since he’s already made an epic clown of himself making this mistake last year (and just last month got spanked with a huge financial hit for it but who cares since the state has to pay for Scotty’s mistake), one has to ask if he is stupid or evil. Or is he just stupid for evil? Uh huh. He’s stupid for evil. He’s a Koch sucking fool. A puppet.

The TeaPublicans get away with having college drop out scoundrels on their tickets by playing offense with the media about “liberal elites”. But the truth is that the malignant narcissism displayed in their candidates is a problem. They draw ignorant, power hungry people with no grasp of the damage they can inflict because of their own ignorance. They draw people like Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin and Scott Walker- people who play fast and loose with the law because they are ignorant enough to believe they are fit to be dictators. You truly have to be ignorant to think that you can and should be allowed to do whatever you please.

A wise person knows to avoid unilateral decision making, especially in a democracy set up with checks and balances for a reason. But none of these TeaPublicans understand the reasons for these power speed bumps, because they have chosen to remain ignorant enough to plow confidently over things like the constitution.

Scott Walker is a poster boy for the modern day GOP. He has a dark, dirty past wherein he cheated, played dirty and illegal and got busted. He’s willfully ignorant. He’s a failure in the free market of education. He doesn’t believe in checks and balances. He doesn’t understand limited powers. He’s ethically devoid enough to ride roughshod over the basic shared ideals of morality and fairness. He’s too narcissistic to think he needs to learn anything. In other words, Scott Walker is the perfect Republican Puppet. He’s a mini W; W sans the charm and the semblance of the barest brush with education.

Nope, Scotty is all raw, pure power grab narcissism and immorality with no buffers. They dressed him up but they can’t take him out.

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