Late Night Snack – The Truth About Republicans by George Carlin -Video

Feb 25 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Ok, so normally I steer clear of politics so you can cleanse your palate before sleepy time but tonight, I am in a kicking bums and taking names mood in honor of our fighting union brothers and sisters across the land.

So, who better to say it for me than George Carlin.

Thank you, sir! I especially like the part where he says we need to tax the churches. The next time someone brings up the deficit, do remind them that there’s a simple way these “fiscal hawks” can take care of that, after all, we can’t have activist churches anymore than we can have activist judges. How would the churches like a little Lila Rose O’Keefe expose? Hi, we’re a pimp and a prostitute and we’re here to help you with your political activism, you tax-exempt sweeties. Roll tape.

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