Glenn Beck Claims Progressivism Has Made Charlie Sheen an Anti-Semite

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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck labeled Charlie Sheen an anti-Semite, and claimed that progressivism is to blame, “What is the deal with this producer? Do you know the story or not? He’s using the producer’s real name, and he’s Jewish, and he’s using his real name which to me sounds like an anti-Semite.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

After taking a call about Charlie Sheen, Beck said, “What is the deal with this producer? Do you know the story or not? He’s using the producer’s real name, and he’s Jewish, and he’s using his real name which to me sounds like an anti-Semite.” After Beck played a clip of Charlie Sheen’s rant on Alex Jones’ show, he continued, “Can I tell you something? Everything that he just said, I’m starting to lose my sympathy for Martin Sheen a little bit. The unevolved mind, that’s progressivism. I mean, he’s taken progressivism and now turned it into something even more evil than it usually is.”

After some disagreement on Beck’s claims that progressivism is the root of Charlie Sheen’s issues, Beck continued, “He is an out of control drug addict, but what is the basis? Where does the unevolved mind come from? Where’s the Jewish hate come from….and he’s a little like Cass Sunstein. A little in control and he believed he is more evolved than everyone else and he can make the decisions for you.”

Beck also claimed that Hollywood has the same progressive superiority complex, “That’s why Hollywood understands it. It might be for a different reason. I’m better than all of these other people. These little people they aren’t beautiful. They aren’t talented. They aren’t on the big screen.”

After playing another clip from Sheen’s rant, and talking about how CBS or anybody else can work with him, Glenn Beck got on his good old days kick, “May I just point this out? There was a time in my life, and in your lifetime too…In our lifetime if you would have had a star of the number one TV show that was a family show, and he was found out to be with hookers and doing cocaine all the time, he would have been fired, just on. What do they call that clause that is in everybody’s contract? Morality clause. He would have been fired, because the American people would have been outraged by it. They don’t want that kind of person on their family show. They don’t want that. Especially since their kids will be exposed to all of the stuff that’s in the news, so they wouldn’t want to have that.”

Beck ended with a dose of self-pity, “Now you have a guy who’s clearly an anti-Semite, clearly out of control, just a megalomaniac, maniacal, and still, still they’re like yeah, we’re going to take three episodes off.” Beck and Gray complained that if Beck said the same thing it would be judged as a clear case of anti-Semitism.

This was an obvious case of pay no attention to the anti-Semite behind the microphone calling Charlie Sheen an anti-Semite.

Yes, the clip below is the very same Glenn Beck earlier this week comparing Reform Judaism to radicalized Islam:

It doesn’t stop there. Beck has also smeared George Soros by claiming he was a Nazi collaborator:

Glenn Beck’s claim that progressivism causes anti-Semitism is as farfetched as the idea that the drugged out Charlie Sheen’s biggest problem is how he feels about Jews. Sheen may very well be an anti-Semite. The tone of his rant certainly implied that he was trying to make Chuck Lorre’s religion an issue, but as a recovering addict himself, I would have hoped that Beck could offer more insight into what Sheen is going through than to come up with some crack pot theory that blames progressivism.

Beck has more of anti-Semitic track record over the last three months than anyone else in the media. (Perennial Jewish hate monger Mel Gibson not included). Glenn Beck may not hate Jewish people personally, but he is not above stoking the flames of anti-Semitism for his own benefit, as what we have here is a case of Glenn Beck using Charlie Sheen to distract us all from his own comments.

The one thing that I don’t understand about Beck’s progressivism/anti-Semitism connection is that if progressivism causes people to hate Jews, what’s Glenn Beck’s excuse?

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