The Christian Reconstructionists New Crusade against American Women

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When the new Congress under Republican control finished voting to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, their next order of business was not passing legislation to create jobs, but to begin an assault on a woman’s right to choose their own reproductive health.  From defunding Planned Parenthood to redefining rape, Christian conservatives have been on a nationwide campaign to stop legal abortions in America by any means necessary. In fact, Christians are making an effort to seize control of the government to eventually drive secular thought and philosophy out of American culture once and for all. Attacking women is just the first onslaught in the war to change American democracy into theocratic rule.

In many states there are movements driven by Catholic and Evangelical groups that advocate murder and intimidation to prevent women and medical professionals from exercising their legal right to choose to abort their pregnancy. It is not just groups of radical extremists like the Westboro Baptists or crazy bible thumpers in the South. Legislators in Congress and state assemblies are introducing discriminatory legislation that usurps the law and in extreme cases, are advocating violence and intimidation to force their antiquated bible-inspired beliefs on the entire country.

In South Dakota a law was introduced to legalize murder of abortion providers. Although the law was eventually shelved because of the outrage from various groups, it is the idea that such a law was even under consideration that should concern reasonable individuals whether or not they oppose abortion. In Nebraska a law is being considered that takes the South Dakota law further by allowing any third party to commit justifiable homicide in defense of a fetus. South Dakota’s bill permitted family members to murder abortion providers, but the bill proposed by Mark Christensen, a state senator and radical Christian in Nebraska applies to anyone who believes they are protecting a fetus. Although the proposal targets abortion providers, the real targets are women and their right to choose.

In Utah, the governor signed into law a bill known as the “miscarriage bill” that could send a woman to prison for life if someone thinks the woman engaged in any activity that may have caused the miscarriage. The law “designates intentional or knowing miscarriage as criminal homicide” for the death of an unborn child unless there was a legal abortion provided. The law means if a woman drinks too much caffeine, falls down a flight of stairs, or is in an abusive relationship and miscarries she could face a long prison sentence.

These laws, although despicable on the surface, are nothing more than attacks on women, and using the law to enforce beliefs from the bible is unconstitutional. The intrusions into a woman’s life is a sign that America is at risk of becoming a theocracy. Christian conservatives feel confident attacking women because the bible relegates females to little more than possessions for men to abuse. The Georgia state legislator who attempted to change rape laws by calling rape victims “accusers” is further proof that women do not have the same rights as men. In the bible, women must acquiesce to a man’s will to be a good Christian.

The war on women is indefensible in a free society, but America is hardly a free society for women. It is true that some progress has been made, but with the conservatives gaining a foothold in government the progress is being eroded at a frightening pace. The rise of the tea party and belief that America is ordained as a Christian nation does not bode well for women’s rights and freedom from religion. There are quiet murmurings by Christian conservatives of plans to revisit the Constitution to challenge the separation of church and state clause and remove it all together. Even with the separation clause, Christian lawmakers are using their bible-based beliefs to deprive women of their equal rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia verified that women are second-class citizens when he stated that the Constitution’s equal rights amendment does not apply to women; the bible backs up Scalia’s beliefs.

A few days ago David Barton, a Christian maniac from Texas who helped develop the Texas textbook standards and presides over a pro-family organization spoke to a group of Christian preachers. His message was that Christians must take control of the culture and the media so “guys that have a secular viewpoint cannot survive” because Christians will “chop that kind of news off.” Louie Gohmert is another Texas Republican and Christian extremist who implores to Christians to take up the mantle as god’s ministers to punish evil and rule America. Gohmert is a crackpot, but he is also a Representative in the United States House of Representatives. As more Christians get elected to make laws that reflect Christian viewpoints, women will see more of their rights eroded until they are legal possessions and little more than incubators for fetuses.

These attacks on women are the Crusade and Inquisition secular pundits have warned Americans about for the past 10 years, and radical Christians are just getting started. In sixteen states, personhood amendments sponsored and promoted by Christians are being considered as a means of subverting Roe v. Wade. The House of Representatives has attempted to redefine rape as a means of depriving women their right to an abortion in cases of rape. States in the Midwest are passing laws that allow Christians maniacs to murder health care professionals they think are killing babies. America is experiencing a concerted effort to use bible standards to subvert the Constitution, and our citizens are sitting on their hands watching NASCAR and reloading their guns.

The protests and demonstrations in Wisconsin prove that Americans will rise up when they feel an injustice is being perpetrated, but when women are attacked people barely give it a second thought. When Republicans in Congress began redefining rape, there should have been thousands of demonstrators and protesters in the streets decrying the abuse on women.  Men may think they are immune from the Christian’s Crusade and Inquisition, but once theocracy is established, no citizen will be safe. Conservatives disparage Islam and Sharia law as un-American and oppressive, but they are heading down the road to an oppressive theocracy that will make the Taliban and Sharia law look like a church picnic.

It is absolutely astonishing that Americans are allowing a group of religious extremists to take control of the government without as much as a whimper. It is unclear if Americans are afraid of offending Christians or really support their offensive attacks on women. What is clear is that little by little, women’s rights are being eroded and the oppression will not stop until Americans stand up to the bible-thumpers once and for all. We owe it to our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives to fight for their equal rights. As Americans, we owe it to our democratic form of government to fight for equality for all our citizens.

Today, Christians are openly assaulting and oppressing women and the right to control their own bodies. If we are not careful, the Crusade and Inquisition against women will spread to every aspect of our society. Don’t believe it? Germans never thought they would be participants in the extermination of the Jews, but they were caught up in a wave of nationalism that went terribly wrong. In America, the wave of nationalism involves Christians, and history is rife with examples of death and despair at the hands of good god-fearing people. Allowing Christians to assault women without objection or outrage is a bad sign for America, and dangerous for what’s left of our democracy.

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