Scott Walker Admits He’s Trying to Trick State Democrats

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Scheming little Walker Koch Whore

Scott Walker Admits In Own Words That He’s Trying to Trick State Democrats

Governor Walker made a Palin out of himself today when he got pranked by a journalist pretending to be David Koch, one of the Koch brothers, and just like when Palin thought she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, he showed just what an ass-kissing, out of his league simpleton he really is. Oh, and he also gave away his big hush hush plans to get those Democrats! Thanks, Scott, for being such a Palin.

Buffalo Beast Publisher Paul Fallon set up Governor Walker by pretending to be David Koch. Fallon told The Huffington Post that the audio of the call is “absolutely legit” and Walker’s spokesperson confirmed that. So let’s dive into this cesspool of incompetency with Clown Boy Walker.

Part I – The Big Plan to Set Up Democrats

Fallon/David Koch: We gotta crush that union!

Scott Walker: If they think I’m cavin’, they’ve been asleep for the last years.

Yes, well, I admit that we actually thought Scott might have been asleep himself since he just got in trouble for firing union employees last year. Learn little, ye small brain. In 2010, when Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, he fired 26 union security guards who worked at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. He replaced them with a Wackenhut G4S, UK company, that staffed the courthouse guards with criminals. Maybe your spidey sense is tingling right now and you’re thinking Scotty shoulda known better, since Wackenhut G45 is the parent company of the ArmorGroup. You know, the firm hired by Bush to guard the American Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Yes, those people. The sexed up frat boys who shoot vodka out of their bums whilst working and suck on each other’s nipples. This is the serious work of Republicans, apparently. Trust them to guard the country! They are super on national security and the state’s too.

It didn’t end there, though. Now that he staffed the courthouse guards with criminals, Scott was wondering how else he could screw up government. So he got sued by the union representing the guards and found guilty (of course) for firing without the power to do so. So now the state is on the hook for the back pay of the union members. Maybe the state wouldn’t have a budget crisis if Walker weren’t such a Palin. I mean, is he deliberately shooting to be just like her? She left Wasilla 20 million in debt because she failed to get title to land she had the city build a sports center on. And then they were sued. Naturally. These are the free market consequences of incompetency people.

Oh, and of course Scott claimed his first round of firings was due to a budget crisis as well. Good thing he rang up an even larger debt due to his incompetency, eh? Nothing like stupidity and reckless spending to announce “The Tea Party is here!” My god, are they all this stupid?

WALKER: You’ve got a few of the radical ones — unfortunately, one of them’s the minority leader — but most of the rest of them are just looking for a way to get out of this. They’re scared out of their minds. They don’t know what it means. There’s a bunch of recalls up against them. They’d really like to just get back up here and get it over with. So the paycheck thing, some of the other things threatening them, I think collectively there’s enough going on, and as long as they don’t think I’m going to cave, which again we have no interest in. An interesting idea that was brought up to me by my chief of staff, we won’t do it until tomorrow, is putting out an appeal to the Democratic leader.

And here’s where Scotty Palin with the real accent explains his big plan:

I would be willing to sit down and talk to him, the assembly Democrat leader, plus the other two Republican leaders–talk, not negotiate and listen to what they have to say if they will in turn–but I’ll only do it if all 14 of them will come back and sit down in the state assembly. They can recess it… the reason for that, we’re verifying it this afternoon, legally, we believe, once they’ve gone into session, they don’t physically have to be there.

Now for the big finish!

If they’re actually in session for that day, and they take a recess, the 19 Senate Republicans could then go into action and they’d have quorum because it’s turned out that way. So we’re double checking that. If you heard I was going to talk to them that’s the only reason why. We’d only do it if they came back to the capitol with all 14 of them. My sense is, hell. I’ll talk. If they want to yell at me for an hour, I’m used to that. I can deal with that. But I’m not negotiating.

You tell ‘em Scotty! What a man, eh? Gosh, I can almost see the fake ranch behind now if only he didn’t have that authentic Midwestern accent instead of phony Palin nasal spray. You can see the nasal spray anywhere you see money, after all. But the Scotty accent is special. It may be the only real thing about him.

Part II- The Bragging

Walker joins in to sing the virtues of Andrew Breitbart — a sort of a self-burial of his own credibility. Then while Walker goes on about being on the national shows, he says he was on Morning Joe, whom I guess he assumes is a liberal since he’s on MSNBC, the fake David Koch has to correct him, “He’s a good guy. He’s one of us.” Gosh, Governor Walker, where you been?

Both boys join in a chorus of “He’s not one of us” “he is one of us” about various folks. My, my do the American people know they’ve elected a frat club who refuses to even talk to anyone who doesn’t think like they do? Maybe they need to re-read that constitution they keep talking about. That little checks and balances thingy. Yes, boys, this also applies at the state level, even though Walker hasn’t read his state constitution yet. Or else he did read it but chose to violate it.

Scott demonstrates that he is operating under most of the Tea Party and Fox News misunderstanding of liberals, referring to “protesting liberals” as “from the ’60’s.” Really, boys, it’s time to update your Roladexes. Er, see, that’s the other problem. Out of touch, out of date. So he thinks all of the hard working Americans are liberals? Blind little mouse. Scott goes on to quote some polls he must have heard on Fox News because they are nothing like the polls that came out yesterday that show he’s on the wrong side of this one.

The Washington Post Plum Line reports, “Yesterday USA Today made a big splash when the paper released a Gallup poll finding that 61 percent of Americans nationwide oppose Governor Scott Walker’s plan to roll back the bargaining rights of public employees. Today Gallup has released a partisan breakdown of those numbers, and it’s striking: Republicans are the only group that favors rolling back public employee bargaining rights, but even among them, a sizable chunk — 41 percent — is opposed. An overwhelming 62 percent of independents is also opposed.”

How’s that foolin’ yourself with Fox News thing goin’, Governor?

Odd or predictable that Scott was evangelical choice for Wisconsin? Yeah, these fundies are really cranking out the abusive nut jobs. I’m going with predictable and Palin.

“This is our moment!” They claim with all of the sucking greed of a final takeover. This is indeed the moment they are showing America what clowns they are. Walker tells Koch/Fallon not to be upset by the amount of bodies in Wisconsin. Scott crows over how popular he is and then gears up into high narcissism pleasing big daddy with a breathless recounting of introducing himself to David Axelrod, bragging, “It’s always good to let ‘em know you know what’s going on!” Scott is apparently as irony impaired as his fellow Tea Partiers, as he utterly misses that he’s saying this as he’s proving that he has absolutely no clue what’s going on. Ouch. Luckily his followers won’t get it either.

Thanks for warning the Democrats what you’re up to, Scott. Let’s hope you suddenly grow an ability to govern, though given the malignant narcissism with which you have already governed, we can only count on your simple-mindedness and incompetence. Remember people, when you vote for Republicans, you vote for the only people who side against labor having the right to collectively bargain in the name of Jesus and you also vote for paying Vokda sucking bum shooters with criminal records from the UK taking over our much needed jobs here, in the USA.

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