The Wisconsin Protests Cause A Profanity Laced Glenn Beck Meltdown

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The Wisconsin protests combined with the pressure of declining ratings have caused Glenn Beck to crack and meltdown. On his Fox News program tonight, Beck started screaming at his audience, “Tell me what the hell Madison is? Show that picture up in front of New York right now. Tell me what this is? What the hell is this?”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “Is it a little hard to deny that radicals, Islamists, the communists, socialists will work together against Israel against capitalism, and they’ll try to work together to overturn stability? Who in the media is telling you this? Who? NAME THEM! Where are they? How can they possibly deny it at this point, and why wouldn’t they tell you these things?”

Beck returned to his chalkboard, “Protests become contagious. Can you deny this anymore? They’ll cascade. They will sweep the Middle East, and they will begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world. Tell me what the hell Madison is? Show that picture up in front of New York right now. Tell me what this is? What the hell is this? It’s the unions poking, pushing, prodding. They will lose because they don’t know who you are.”

We all know that Glenn has been working hard to revive his flagging ratings, and he has attempted to tie every current event into his caliphate, socialist, communist, Marxist, Obama, Google, community organizers, leftist, Van Jones conspiracy for world domination theory, but I am starting to get concerned for Glenn’s mental health.

I think he is really starting to believe this stuff. The crazy conspiracy theories used to only be a mega paycheck for Beck, but ever since he redefined himself as an activist on a mission from God and not a right wing entertainer, his shows have gotten consistently darker in tone. (In my opinions this is why his ratings have dropped so much). Unless you are a scared, white, older Republican, Glenn Beck’s program isn’t too much fun anymore.

Beck’s angry tirade had a hint of desperation in it, as if he is hoping that if he screams, stomps, and curses enough all those viewers that he lost will return. These outbursts could all be Glenn Beck publicity stunts, but if you spend any amount of time watching his program there is an urgent flailing in these shows. It is as if Beck wants to be proven correct so badly that he is hoping that the protests in Wisconsin turn violent, and he is doing everything he can to prod things in Madison in a violent direction.

Glenn Beck’s intellectual grasp was never all that strong to begin with, but it seems that Beck has fallen into the dark conspiracy theory abyss.

Every day he sinks a little deeper and drifts further and further away from the casual audience that once was entertained by him. Soon all that will remain for Beck is an endless stream of nonsensical conspiracy theories, each a little more outlandish than the last, and a devoted small audience of true believers who know in their hearts that the end really is near, and are certain that the next time their hero Glenn Beck will get it right.

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