Which Side Are You On? Stand United For Freedom in Wisconsin

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Union Solidarity for a Living Wage

The Governor of Wisconsin has awoken the American people from their slumber, shaken them from their malaise and shown them once and for all that if they don’t rise up and stand tall for their rights, the Republican Party will destroy the middle class and the working class of this great nation.

I remember back when Bush was declaring an illegal war how we protested but it never became a national movement of importance, which was exceptionally frustrating. You could feel the dampening of the American spirit, the fear in the air. Years later, watching the Tea Party get so much coverage for an off-election year, faux-grassy movement (based on nothing but bigotry in the end) was more than dispiriting. And then came Governor Walker.

Governor Walker is trying to steal collective bargaining from workers in Wisconsin. If he succeeds, this will catch on across this great country and we can’t let that happen. I have written about unions countless times before, because the life-sustaining necessity of unions flows in my blood. My grandfather was the head of a union in the heartland of this nation. He has always evinced those qualities of Midwestern workers; a strong work ethic, a stoic outlook, never spending more than he made, saving money, and taking care of his family. He worked and still works to this day in his 90’s, though not at his union job. He works because he loves to work. He takes pride in his work.

My grandfather started every family meal with the warning to all of his children and grandchildren, “Never vote Republican, babies. They’re out to get us. They’ll steal money from the working man and impose that crazy religion on us all.”

His words have turned out to be quite prophetic.

I am also a union member, and while I acknowledge the problems with unions, when pitted against the idea of not having them, the necessity for unions is obvious. Anyone who cares about the equal opportunity we are supposed to enjoy in America understands why unions are a necessity. Without unions, we would have no weekends, no decent labor conditions, no rights. While Walker tries to justify his coup on the American workers, his Republican brothers are trying to take away child labor laws. They’ve made it very clear that their priorities have nothing to do with looking after Americans or America. Walker hired a UK company to replace the union security guards, for heaven’s sake! Where’s his flag pin now? The flimsy, pathetic attempts of the corporatists to demonize unions are not going to work. America is ready for a revolution.

“Are you as mad as I am?” Inspiring video from the Wisconsin protests:

We will make the Tea Party faux grassroots protests look like the Barbie world of grassroots movement that they are. Americans across this great land will stand up for their union brothers and sisters, and for people they will never know. They will stand up for the rights of the little people against corporations. They will stand up against unilateral tyrants like Governor Walker. They will stand up for the rights their great-grandparents and grandparents fought for. They will stand up for their children. They will stand up for their neighbors. They will not be walked over by Governor Walker. And we will be successful because this is an authentic grassroots movements of and for Americans.

And remember, we are not alone. Michael Moore brings us inspiration from Egypt: ‘We Stand With You as You Stood With Us': Statement to Workers of Wisconsin by Kamal Abbas of Egypt’s Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services:

“KAMAL ABBAS: I am speaking to you from a place very close to Tahrir Square in Cairo, “Liberation Square”, which was the heart of the Revolution in Egypt. This is the place were many of our youth paid with their lives and blood in the struggle for our just rights.

From this place, I want you to know that we stand with you as you stood with us.

I want you to know that no power can challenge the will of the people when they believe in their rights. When they raise their voices loud and clear and struggle against exploitation.”

We are not alone. We can do this thing.

If they thought the Tea Party was bad just wait. They have lit the fire of revolution under the working people’s feet; they have ignited a firestorm they can’t put out. It’s not going to stop in Wisconsin. The American people may have been asleep for a long time, we may have been complacent at times and we have certainly allowed the corporatists to take way too much from us…..but like any bully, the Republicans don’t know when to stop.

The Republicans crossed the line this time and we will fight back. We will fight with every breath in our bodies for our liberty and freedom and equal opportunity. And we won’t need to bus paid protesters in or hold Koch brother funded classes on how to stage a protest, because while it seems that most of the time the corporatists have won, they’ve walked over us all with nary a peep, this time they went too far.

People who aren’t in unions are just as mad as people who are, because we all know that they’re coming for us. They made it clear that this is an assault on the working people of this country and we will not take this lying down.

Who are we? We are the backbone of this country, we are the American people. We are the union, the mighty, mighty union.

We will storm Wisconsin and every other state they try this in. We will come from the Hollywood unions to the firefighter unions. We will come from the carpenters unions to the teachers unions; the nurses unions to the troopers unions. We will stand united, stronger than their attempts to walk over our rights and impenetrable in our cause for justice for the American people. We will be stronger than them because we are united in a just cause, an American cause, and a human rights cause.

Just look at little Norma Rae standing up for her rights to join an union and remember what’s at stake here:

And Pete Seeger sings, “Which side are you on, boys?”

Are you ready for a revolution? It’s coming. It can’t be stopped. It won’t be stopped. We will be heard. And we won’t stop at a recall. We’re coming for all of the corporatists Koch brothers. We’re coming to protect women’s rights, we’re coming to protect human rights, we’re coming to protect workers rights, we’re coming to protect disability rights, we’re coming to protect Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid — We’re coming for all the lawful rights the Republicans are trying to unilaterally and unlawfully rip from our hands.

Governor Walker’s unilateral attempt to rip rights away from Americans was the wake up call we all needed. Thank you, Governor Walker. You did what Bush never managed to do. You galvanized Americans from sea to shining sea. We are ready to do battle with you and we will outlast you, out fight you, and out cast you.

The Unions are America, Governor Walker and we want to know, “Governor Walker, are you pro-America?” Don’t wave your phony flag in our faces as you steal our rights. We have the power of freedom behind us. Oh, and by the way, Governor, “We are taking our country back!”

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