Bill O’Reilly Warns Protesters Not To Attack Fox News

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Bill O’Reilly Warns Protesters It’s a Big Mistake to Attack Fox News

Bill wants protesters to believe that they are making a mistake when they chant “Fox lies!” behind every Fox reporter. Yeah, watch out or Bill might falafel you! But seriously, Bill thinks that with all of Fox’s “even” coverage on the protests, it would be best for protesters to present themselves as reasonable instead of unreasonable by chanting “Fox lies.”

Naturally I’m confused because chanting the truth that Fox lies seems reasonable to me, but then, I’m not in the Fox cult.

Watch Bill O warn the protesters that they are making a huge mistake! Courtesy of Media Matters:

I think Bill O might be outta luck here because the working people of this country aren’t so stupid as to take advice from an enemy of truth and justice. But I get that Bill O and the Fox cultists are getting slightly embarrassed, with one guy shouting out “I’m from Fox Business News!” as if somehow distancing himself from his internationally humiliated boss lent him a modicum of credibility. Not so, my friend. Not so.

As for Bill O’s attempt to smear the protesters as “unreasonable”, um, Bill must be forgetting defending the armed protesters of the Tea Party from the evil New York Times which dared to write about the reality that many in the Tea Party were Bircher extremists (including the funders of said Tea Party, the Koch brothers):

“Talking Points” predicted this would happen; that a movement with the potential power of the Tea Party would be attacked by the left-wing media. At first, The Times ignored the Tea Party. Now it’s trying to diminish the brand.

But the Tea Party people themselves should be careful. Most Americans are not ideologues. They are just folks who want a fair system and a noble country. Every time a Tea Party person threatens to overthrow the government or other nonsense, the brand gets hammered.

That being said, the Tea Party movement is at a disadvantage. There’s no central authority. Every Tea Party group is different. There’s no party platform other than disenchantment with big government. With that kind of structure, you can expect chaos and some extremism, which the liberal media will use that to attack the Tea Party.

“Talking Points” has always admired sincere Americans who get involved in trying to improve their country, and that is what most Tea Party people do. They are regular folks who are fed up.”

Gosh, why isn’t Bill O defending the protesters in Wisconsin who are for reals regular folks who are fed up? Perhaps Bill O is suggesting y’all show up armed. Something to consider, since they’ve already set that precedent. Why not? Reasonable for Fox News equals armed and angry with a “Water the Tree of Liberty” t-shirt. Go for it!

The people are tired of being lied to and Bill O and his gang of liars are just going to have to suck up the shame while they continue to spin reality to suggest that honesty is bad for the rest of us. We all know honesty is bad for only one party here, and it ain’t the protesters.

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