Watch Fox News Get Owned By The Wisconsin Protesters

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When Shep Smith threw it to Madison, Wisconsin tonight on Fox News, the Fox audience was greeted with their reporter talking about how Gov. Walker’s position had nothing to do with stripping away collective bargaining rights, while the protesters chanted, “Tell the truth.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was trying to deliver his pro-Gov. Walker propaganda about why collective bargaining should be stripped away, “Gov. Walker shot that right down. He said limiting collective bargaining on a temporary basis is just moving the budgeting problem on to the next election cycle. Incidentally the teachers shut down the temporary change to collective bargaining as well, because they say you can’t touch collective bargaining at all, not even on a temporary basis. Meantime the 14 fugitive Senate Democrats remain somewhere over the border, and they’re not coming back.”

The protesters have been very successful at manipulating the cable news cameras to get their message out, and Fox News has been a special target.

Here are the protesters chanting Fox Lies in the background of live Fox News report:

The protesters are employing guerrilla tactics and using Fox News’ own broadcasts against them. They understand the value of winning the media war. (Sadly, this concept has eluded much of the Democratic Party for the better part of three decades). It is funny to see these protesters knocking down the Fox pushed propaganda live and on the air. The best part of all is that Fox News can do nothing about it.

If they want to broadcast live from the protests, they are going to have to put up with the chants of the protesters, but my how times have changed. Not even a year ago, Fox News loved to broadcast the chants of protesters.

The Wisconsin Protesters are doing a great job of undercutting Fox News’ propaganda, and to think it only took a crowd of thousands of chanting people to get a least a few minutes of truly fair and balanced coverage on FNC’s programming. Fox News is getting owned by the Wisconsin protesters, because We Report, You Decide apparently doesn’t extend to true grassroots democracy in action.

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