Two More Arizonians Join Jan Brewer’s Death Panel

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Some more sad news to report, as Jan Brewer and Republicans in the state legislature continue to drag their feet on restoring funding for organ transplants, two more citizens have joined the state GOP’s death panel, bring the total to an even 100 people that Republicans in Arizona have or will have killed by denying them organ transplants.

Here is the story of Courtney Parham from KGUN 9 via Think Progress:

KGUN 9 reported that Courtney lost her insurance when she could no longer attend school full time, “But, one thing that didn’t come back was the insurance. The company dropped Courtney because she was too sick to be a full-time student, which forced her on to the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System, or AHCCCS. And, then Governor Brewer dropped more bad news; no more transplants for patients like Courtney, all to help balance the budget. The Straw-Parham family told KGUN9 they must raise somewhere between $400-$800 thousand dollars for a transplant, or their daughter will die.”

The family committed to finding a way to keep their daughter alive, “Straw told KGUN9 her daughter only has a month or two before she must have that transplant. There’s a message on a board in Courtney’s hospital room that reads, ‘The person who wants to do something finds a way; the others find excuses.’ Straw says they will find a way to pay for this transplant. Straw told Waldman the procedure only takes between 10-15 minutes; where Courtney would get an injection of healthy bone marrow. But, with the governor’s cuts there’s a chance she might not get those few precious minutes. The family is working to raise money and plans to dip into their 401k to help pay for it.”

Just like what Gov. Walker is trying to do in Wisconsin, Gov. Brewer handed out corporate tax cuts, and then claimed that the state could no longer afford to pay for life saving organ transplants. Walker is using a budget crisis that he created in an attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from public sector employees, while Brewer is using her own self-created budget crisis to justify her death panel. It is important to connect the dots, because this is about to become a common political tactic of Republican governors all across America.

Jan Brewer is such an extremist that she would rather see people in her own state die than betray her corporatist ideology. It is not Obamacare that has so killed two Arizonians who were waiting for organ transplants that never came. It was Brewer’s lack of care that led to their deaths. Our government is supposed to be for, of, and by the people. The role of government isn’t to make decisions that kill those whom officials are sworn to represent.

The Republican commitment to their ideology is literally killing the American people. Republicans need to realize that the death panel that they need to fear the most is their own.

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