Glenn Beck Explains The Egypt Revolution As A Vast Google Conspiracy

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Glenn Beck kept up his attack on Google on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor by claiming that Google caused the revolution in Egypt. Beck said, “Google in their own words, Google two vice presidents of Google actually helped foment revolution in Egypt. And they are proud of it. I just don’t want my search engines fomenting revolutions.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Beck said, “There were two people that are instrumental in the revolution of Egypt. Both of them were vice presidents of Google. When we started to do our homework on this, we found that the state department has worked with Google and youth groups to organize this revolution. When you heard the president say it was just — you know, it was a youth like you and it’s the new media, it is social networking that brought on the revolution. He was talking about Google.”

Beck believes that Google worked with the State Department to cause the revolution in Egypt, “We know they are working with Google. Google has admitted it.” When asked by O’Reilly was the State Department was trying to accomplish through Google, Beck said, “The revolution in Egypt. That’s what they were working on.” After tying Google to Van Jones and the Tides Foundation, Glenn Beck claimed that Google is working with the White House, “And there are four or five executives also in bed literally not literally but in bed or in the office with the President. And working with the White House.”

Beck is alleging that he Obama administration through Google was working with youth groups on the ground to overthrow Mubarak. What’s more believable? The people of Egypt got tired of 30 years of poverty and oppression and overthrew Mubarak, or that there was a secret conspiracy that only Glenn Beck was able to uncover between the White House and Google.

By turning the revolution in Egypt into a White House/Google conspiracy, Glenn Beck delegitimized what the protesters were able to accomplish. His conspiracy theory taps into right wing prejudice against Muslims, and their belief that people of the Muslim are unable to seek their own self-determination and freedom.

His Google conspiracy is also an attempt turn a positive event into an act of evil carried out by Barack Obama. In the Beck world view, nothing positive can ever be associated with the President. Any positive event that President Obama might get credit for must be delegitimized as quickly as possible.

Glenn Beck has also taken to comparing Google to Halliburton. I have a hunch that he is doing this because he is looking to get back his mantle as populist fighter for the right, and the ratings and popularity that go with it, by attaching evil motives of his own creation to Google.

Whatever Glenn Beck’s motives may be, the fact is that he has precious little evidence to back up his Google/White House/Egypt conspiracy theory. If ratings are his goal, then this campaign has been a failure. His ratings haven’t improved by much. He is still more than a million viewers off of his peak.

Beck may have thought that attacking Google would be ratings gold, but this appears to be another misfire from the former golden boy of right wing media.

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