Freedom’s Real Enemy is Rush Limbaugh Not The Wisconsin Protesters

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh declared that the Wisconsin protesters hate America and they have contempt for the American taxpayer. Limbaugh said, “Barack Obama just as angry of society inside as the protesters in Madison. He’s just as hateful of this society as the teachers carrying those signs.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Never again, ladies and gentleman that the Democrat Party cares about the middle class. Never again, can it be said that Obama is a historic president, or a president who is a force for good. It can not be said that Obama is a force for true reform, or a force for unity. He is the opposite. Again, it is real simple. If he meant it Monday when he said we must all live within our means, gotta get serious about our deficit, he would be encouraging people like Gov. Walker. Instead he is siding with people who would undermine the governor who is simply following the Wisconsin state constitution. You must have a balanced budget.”

Limbaugh continued by claiming that Obama and the protesters, specifically the teachers protesting in Wisconsin hate America, “Barack Obama just as angry of society inside as the protesters in Madison. He’s just as hateful of this society as the teachers carrying those signs. He is just as contemptible to the hard working taxpayers of this country as are the public sector unions. This exposes Obama for all to see. That’s what’s going on here. Don’t doubt me.”

There is plenty to doubt about Limbaugh’s description of the events in Wisconsin. Let’s begin with the idea that Gov. Walker is trying to balance the budget. As Rachel Maddow pointed out, Wisconsin had a budget surplus for the year, until Governor Walker did his best George W. Bush impression and turned the surplus into a deficit by handing out millions of dollars in corporate tax cuts. (It is important to remember that in the Republican mind tax cuts don’t count towards the deficit, because the tax cut fairy comes down out of the sky and makes tax cuts pay for themselves).

Limbaugh’s notion that Obama has shown contempt to the American taxpayer is one of his stronger delusions. Obama hates the taxpayers so much that he passed the biggest tax cut in the history of the United States of America. The $282 billion dollar tax cut included in the stimulus was larger than the tax cuts of JFK, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush, but yet in the crazy mixed up mind of Rush Limbaugh, Obama hates the taxpayer.

Obama and the protesters don’t hate the middle class. These protesters are the middle class. The people who are protesting aren’t making millions of dollars a year. These protesters are real representatives of the American middle class not an AstroTurf Republican billionaire funded Tea Party. What is happening in Wisconsin is real deal grassroots activism. These people don’t hate their freedoms. They are trying to protect them from a Republican governor who has whipped up a budget crisis as justification for an attack on middle class wage earners.

These regular Americans don’t hate their country. Some of them are the people who work long hours teaching our children. They didn’t choose to work in the public sector because they are lazy or they want to be rich. (These are two more myths that the right likes to push about public sector employees). In the case of teachers, many of them chose their field because they want to educate children. They want to make their communities better. Teaching is a thankless job, but these people do it because in many cases they love it, not because it is an easy path to riches like being a talk radio host.

The protesters in Wisconsin aren’t fighting against freedom. They are fighting for freedom. What Gov. Walker is doing has nothing to do with the budget, and everything to with implementing an extremist right wing agenda. The true patriots in this scenario are the protesters, not the right wing autocrat ideologue governor, and the blustering mouthpiece propagandists of the right who support him.

In joining with Gov. Walker, Rush Limbaugh has sided up in contempt of liberty and with those who hate our American freedoms. It is always good to keep in mind that in today’s American politics those who speak the language of freedom most loudly often present the biggest danger to freedom itself.

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