Glenn Beck Attacks Justin Bieber for Supporting Universal Healthcare

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On their radio show today Glenn Beck and Pat Grey attacked Justin Bieber for giving his opinion on healthcare to Rolling Stone. Bieber was told to, “Go to Canada…You spoiled little brat.” Beck and Pat Gray mocked Bieber and claimed that his argument for universal healthcare was as complicated as those made by the left.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “Finally, finally we know what Justin Bieber’s position is on universal healthcare. How did it take this long? Media do your job. How did it take this long to get this statement? ‘Canada is the best country in the world. We can go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here in America, your whole life you’re broke because of medical bills.’ Pat Gray injected, “This country sucks. It sucks…Go to Canada! Go Justin! Let’s see how many of your records they’re buying you rotten little brat.” Beck added, “This is just as complex as the arguments that were made during the healthcare debate by the left, so don’t make fun of good old Justin, and Jake Tapper.”

It isn’t surprising that Beck and Gray went after Justin Bieber. What is important to note here is how both of them managed to frame depriving people of healthcare as a patriotic American value. Beck and Gray didn’t make an argument for the current system is better than a universal system. Instead they started pushing emotional buttons. Gray used patriotism when he told Bieber to go back to Canada. He implied that Bieber is ungrateful for his American success. (He’s a spoiled brat).

Beck used Bieber’s accurate description Americans being left forever indebted just because they got sick to belittle the entire left. This is extremely infuriating to the left, because they don’t understand why their message is getting through because they have all the facts and figures on their side. The right wing backlash against Bieber is just beginning. In the thought process of today’s far right, Justin Bieber is dangerous. (No, seriously, stop laughing).

The same parents who don’t want anything taught in public school infecting their children will view Bieber’s harmless bubble gum pop music as indoctrination. Just like Barack Obama giving a back to school speech, Justin Bieber is an indoctrination threat.

In the minds of Glenn Beck and Pat Gray, Justin Bieber has revealed himself to be a Canadian socialist, so his point must be ridiculed and mocked, because if they let his opinion stand unchallenged, someday all those kids growing up in Teabagger households might grow up and ask themselves, what’s so wrong with the idea that people should be able to go see a doctor when they are sick?

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