Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin Demonize Michelle Obama’s Breast Feeding Campaign

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The radicalized voice of the angry white Republican woman spoke out today against Michelle Obama’s campaign to encourage breast feeding as Michele Bachmann called it social engineering, and in a separate appearance Sarah Palin said that women better breast feed, “because the price of milk is so high right now!” Who knew Republicans could even oppose healthier babies?

Here is the Bachmann video from ABC’s Good Morning America:

When asked about the First Lady’s campaign to encourage breastfeeding, Bachmann said, “I am a federal tax litigation attorney. That is my legal background and also my scholarly background, and my quarrel isn’t necessarily with the whole topic. I’ve given birth to five children myself. I strongly believe in breast feeding, but I think what this points up again is that the tax code is used by government as social engineering. I spent years in the United States federal tax court seeing the difficult burden of the tax code in people’s lives, and I think the federal government should stop social engineering.”

For the sake of comparison, according to Politico, here was Sarah Palin’s response in Long Island today when asked about Michelle Obama’s campaign to encourage breast feeding, “No wonder Michelle Obama’s telling everybody, ‘you’d better breastfeed your baby.’ Yeah, you’d better, because the price of milk is so high right now!”

Both of these women are likely to run for the 2012 Republican nomination, but only one of them sounded like a presidential candidate. Michele Bachmann made it clear that she wasn’t opposed to breast feeding, and then used her personal bio to change the question into one about the tax code. On the other hand, Sarah Palin was content to deliver a snarky jab about the price of milk.

Both Bachmann and Palin were opposed to Michelle Obama’s campaign, but for different reasons. Bachmann considers it social engineering to reclassify breast pumps as medical purchases that can be deducted as a medical expense. Sarah Palin hates the Obamas, so anything that they propose must be a bad idea that is going to ruin America.

Michelle Bachmann’s argument about breast pumps being social engineering sounded way out of the American mainstream, but Sarah Palin came off as a half-wit who couldn’t even be bothered to encourage breast feeding.

Essentially what we have here is the right wing criticizing two things that used to be popular with everyone, healthy children and tax breaks. The First Lady isn’t campaigning for anything radical. Breast feeding can help protect a baby from all kinds of illnesses. It may also boost a baby’s intelligence, lower the risk of SIDS, and protect from obesity. The First Lady is focused on preventing obesity, but there are numerous reasons why encouraging women to breast feed is a very healthy initiative. This shouldn’t be up for political debate.

The opposition of Palin and Bachmann illustrates that Republicans have moved beyond their Party of No status into a pathological hatred of Barack and Michelle Obama. This obsessive anger has radicalized the GOP to the point where even things that everyone used to agree on must be demonized because the Obamas are associated with it.

No matter what kind of female voice the GOP uses to dress it up with, this angry radicalism is ugly and it won’t appeal to voters in 2012.

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