Huckabee Hucksterism!

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Huckabee has shown us the face of the enemy: Mike Huckabee

So Mike Huckabee has seen the enemy and he has spoken. “If I run again, it’ll be to fight abortion.”

There you have it: the most important issue facing our nation. Not the war in Afghanistan, not our crumbled economy or our sagging infrastructure, not immigration reform. Abortion.

Of course, he hasn’t decided if he is actually going to run. He probably wants to see how the abortion thing looks when he runs it up the flag pole.

I can tell you it doesn’t sit well with me. It’s looking a little stupid, like Huckabee sounds.

This country is beset with a great many problems, most of them brought on by an eight-year-long out-of-control Republican administration that violated rights with the whimsy of a French king. By 2012 we will have many more problems at the rate the Republican-controlled House is mucking things up.

By then I would think salvaging what we can salvage of this once-great nation at any cost will be the main concern of whoever ends up in the White House.

Abortion won’t be at the top of that list for most Americans.

Of course, it is a Republican framing the argument.  And it’s not a case of you say tomatoes and I saw tomahtoes. Women’s reproductive rights are more than a matter of abortion. It’s a matter of to what degree we want to let government control our private lives and our bodies.

I guess since Republicans think it was a mistake to ever let women get the vote and their enthusiastic support for raping women, taking away control of their own bodies seems a logical next step. They probably have collars and leashes stockpiled for the next wave of “reform.”

I’m guessing this is an example that “common sense” they’re always talking about. If by common sense they mean both “stupid” and “fascist” then I think they’ve nailed it.

Republicans say they’re foursquare against government regulation but clearly they’re not. Clearly, Huckabee is not. Hell, he loves government regulation. Regulate it! Regulate it twice! Amen!

Huckabee was huckstering for the Center for Bioethical Reform in Tennessee at the Knoxville Convention Center on Monday night, as you would guess an anti-choice group. Their motto is “Graphically Exposing the Injustice of Abortion.” You know he’s not going to tell that crowd that bin Laden comes first in his book, or fixing the economy.

This group of yokels calls abortion “genocide.” They’re not worried about actual genocide, , which is taking place all over the world. Hell, Bryan Fischer wants to pursue cultural genocide of our Native American population, thinking we didn’t finish the job properly in the nineteenth century, and they don’t give a good damn about that, do they?

And they sure have no problem targeting mothers for death, and now some South Dakota yokel has no problem proposing legalizing the murder of abortion doctors, potentially putting that state in the interesting position of saying it’s wrong to kill babies but okay to kill doctors.

So while they also say they’re pro-life, they’re no more pro-life than they are anti-regulation. They are already more than happy to do away with mothers just as they’re quite happy to turn women into rapeable, unemployed baby-making machines without the right to vote.

They talk about “death panels.” Isn’t deciding to let a mother die a sort of death panel decision? Are Republican “death squads” in our future? We might start to pine for the relatively benign visit of the Spanish inquisitors before all is said and done.

So doggone it, President Huckabee would toss wars and economy to the winds of fate and grapple abortion like a big old papa grizzly and wrassle that sucker to the ground and the devil take the hindmost. And the country, while our real problems run out of control because our president is playing morality police chief.

“For me this is an issue that I’ve said before, transcends all of the political issues. I often said I would gladly lose an election before I would ever yield on the issue of the sanctity of human life.”

Gulp. I think he means it. I’m glad he said it. We know where he stands, and it’s not in the real world.

Is there a circus clown, even one, who is willing to undertake running the country for the GOP? Even somebody pretending to be a politician, a mime even, is looking more attractive than any potential Republican offerings. It’s difficult to believe your average clown would be stupid enough to think the most important thing America can do in 2012 is declare war on women.

I know kids love their mommies. Why don’t Republicans?

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