Glenn Beck Amps Up The Crazy With Claims That He Has Spies At Google

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On his radio show today Glenn Beck advanced his Google conspiracy theory by claiming that he has spies inside of Google, and he is going to be spilling the dirt on the Internet giant tomorrow. Beck said, ” We have and have had for a while people inside of Google that have alerted this program to things. There are people inside of Google that are terrified of some of things that Google is doing and is involved in.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck hyped his Fox News program and then said, “Think of the enormous power of Google. They control your search engine. They order things for you, so you want to find something? Oh, they’ll help you find it, and they’ll order the stories of the news. How about Google News? They’ll pick what’s important. How about Google Earth? How about the new cars that Google has that Google can just go take photographs? How about, here’s an idea. How about the fact that Google is using people’s Wi-Fi to collect information? How about the fact they’ve partnered with China to close off information in China? How about the fact that Google is being kicked out of country after country?”

After repeating his Google conspiracy theory from yesterday, Beck said, “Now I don’t know any time in American history outside of Woodrow Wilson and FDR where you saw these gigantic partnerships. You want to talk about Halliburton? Forget about Halliburton, Google, for the love of Pete. Can you imagine if George Bush would have partnered with Google and News Corp? Can you imagine? Where not talking about something that is Democrat or Republican. We are talking about a system where they are manipulating people through Facebook, and these groups are being fostered. This is Cass Sunstein.”

After ranting about Cass Sunstein and the charges that he is a conspiracy theorist, Beck warned that he has spies in Google, “The most powerful search engine, the most powerful force on the Internet is there anything more powerful than Google? And our government is in bed with them as we will show you tomorrow in unbelievable ways, unbelievable ways. We have and have had for a while people inside of Google that have alerted this program to things. There are people inside of Google that are terrified of some of things that Google is doing and is involved in. Understand, we have stuff on Google servers. It is almost impossible to do business without Google, but I know my family doesn’t have Gmail anymore.”

Beck concluded by blaming Google for the revolution in Egypt, “I have a hard time because I am a business person. I don’t mind business and I think Google has done some amazing things, but remember this isn’t just a business. This is a company that says don’t be evil, and so they have a mission. They judge what’s evil and what’s good and they’ll make sure that they’re are on the right side. They order the news, and they are in bed with those who understand propaganda and know how to cobble together coalitions, and now two Google executives have admitting causing, one of the in their words, causing the uprisings in Egypt. They proudly say they’ve done it. Holy cow, but remember that’s a conspiracy theory, just ask Cass Sunstein.”

Beck now wants us to believe that he has spies inside of Google who are going to expose the vast conspiracy between Google and the Obama administration to bring revolution to the streets of America just like they did in Egypt. There are some legitimate privacy concerns when it comes to Google, but Beck’s claim that Google is causing revolutions and is in bed with the Obama administration is nothing more than a baseless conspiracy theory.

It wasn’t difficult to notice that in more than six minutes of discussing this, Glenn Beck did not provide one specific detail. It is obvious that by going after Google, Beck is hoping to attract mainstream attention, and revive his morbid ratings. This is nothing more than another one of Beck’s baseless attention getting stunts, but this time his not attacking some small time Obama administration employee. Now he has turned his attention to one of the largest corporations in the world.

I am curious as to just how long Google is going to sit back and take this crap from Beck? Google can’t banish Beck from their search engine or else they will be adding fire to his conspiracy theory, and suing Beck might have the unintended consequence of adding legitimacy to Beck’s charges. Google doesn’t seem like the kind of company that is going to take the slandering of its image lying down.

Glenn Beck is opening up a can of worms, setting himself up for a fight that he can’t win, while at the same time becoming nothing more than a voice of the lunatic fringe. Beck’s attack on Google is a sign of just how much he has fallen, and how low Glenn Beck has gone.

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