Fox News Reveals Its True Colors In On Air Attack On the Constitution

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On Fox and Friends today, Fox News argued against liberty and freedom with a claim that the Constitution is too outdated to handle the war on terror. Gretchen Carlson said, “Ok, well back in the 1700s and 1800s, we didn’t have this thing called the war on terror where you have to get to the bottom of things quickly.”

Fox News had on contributor former judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss the Constitution and the Patriot Act. Napolitano said, “I feel like I’m shoving against the tide when it comes to the Patriot Act, although there were 26 Republicans who voted against it. Here’s the problem with that. The Constitution says if the government wants to read your mail, or look at your business records, or listen to your phone calls it has to go to judge present evidence that you’ve done something wrong. The fancy phrase is probable cause, and if the judge agrees, the judge will authorize the government to do that. The Patriot Act lets the government bypass the Constitution.”

Napolitano was interrupted by Steve Doocy who tried to say that the Patriot Act doesn’t bypass the Constitution, just the judge. Napolitano straightened him out, “Bypass the Constitution by letting federal agents write their own search warrants.”

Gretchen Carlson made the Fox News argument that the constitution to too outdated to fight the war on terror, “Ok, well back in the 1700s and 1800s, we didn’t have this thing called the war on terror where you have to get to the bottom of things quickly and if we wait, people argue, to go to a judge then sometimes that terrorist could already do the dirty deed.”

Napolitano knocked down that argument, “That is not a serious argument to be made and I’ll tell you why, because judges sit 24/7. The person now speaking to you used to issue search warrants in my gym shorts in my living room at three o’clock in the morning when the police needed them…This argument about speed does not justify violating the Constitution.”

Andrew Napolitano’s comments perfectly illustrate the ideological feud that is currently unfolding within the Republican Party between the neo-cons and the Tea Party. Fox News through propaganda mouthpiece Gretchen Carlson took the neo-con position that the Constitution is outdated, so it is fine to violate the Constitution anytime a president, but only a Republican president, feels like it. The fact that the hosts would try to argue that the Constitution is outdated shows just how deeply the Bush era idea that the Constitution is an optional guideline has permeated parts of the Republican Party.

Just in case the Fox News position on the Constitution wasn’t clear enough, later in the show, the Fox and Friends crew hosted Donald Rumsfeld, who criticized Obama for not using the term war on terror.

Here’s the video:

Fox News has finally shown their true colors on the air. The network doesn’t care about freedom or liberty. They don’t even care about the Constitution. Their singular interest is in advocating for the Republican Party. Fox News isn’t about protecting our freedom. They attacked the Constitution as an outdated document that doesn’t need to be followed all of the time. Fox News is nothing, but the Republican/neo-con propaganda network. All of you libertarians and self described Tea Party Patriots would be wise to join with the rest of us on this one. If you value your freedoms, turn off Fox News.

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