Breitbart Humiliates Himself With Childish Taunts of Michelle Obama

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Nursery School Taunts from the Right Calling Michelle Obama Fat

Scruffy man-child and full-video impaired Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government picked up Rush Limbaugh’s attack against Michelle Obama “Michelle My Butt” with a cartoon suggesting Michelle was an over-eater indulging in lard. Oh, well, the lard joke was later replaced with “bacon” so that makes it all OK.

This is what it looks like when children who weren’t raised well take to the internets to play journalists. You end up with grotesque attempts at “humor” playing to the most ugly, most regressive and least-evolved forms of life. In other words, Breitbart’s audience loved it.

The cartoon features the Obamas in front of a huge plateful of burgers, the President’s ears the size of an elephant’s. Your usual grade school type humor. This will, of course, be called “satire” by the satirically impaired, vocabulary challenged and morally depraved right wing “journalists” and “pundits”.

There’s really no point in examining the various attempts at low-brow humor here, utilizing racism and sexism, the tools of the desperate and emasculated puffed up locker room boys, except to note that the Right has officially ceded the mantle of “moral majority,” “compassionate conservatives” and any semblance of dignity.

We let them play in their sandbox of free speech, because that’s a proud value of this wonderful country. Hopefully we can hold our noses when they pass by, slipping their disingenuously edited “stings” to the Republican’s PR firm Fox News, and try to ignore the noxious smell of little boys who find fart jokes the height of their intellectual reach.

We realize that we will be accused of being “elitists” for having some expectations of reasonable discourse and ethical behavior among the right wing pundits, and for failing to find fat jokes funny, and for failing to find juvenile jabs, ad hominem style, at the First Lady’s fitness initiative amusing — which is to say that the right has redefined elitism to mean having any standards whatsoever about one’s public behavior.

Man-child Andrew Breitbart did, after all, just refer to liberals as “not Americans, they’re animals” at CPAC. He simply isn’t a serious person, as anyone who has to resort to demonizing the other side as non-human is admitting reason and facts are not on their side. But boy, oh, boy, he has emotion on his side. The right does successfully play to their base with their grade school taunts, and they enjoy nothing more than a gang bang style attack in the back of their online preschool. Oh, the joys! Tittering little boys snickering behind a coward’s heart.

As the Russians said about Sarah Palin, the right has become the drunken uncle at a funeral, passing gas during the eulogy and snickering at his “humor” while he throws spit wads at the minister. They are a humorless bunch of bitter, powerless men-children so desperate to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them that they can’t control themselves anymore.

The right needs a time out.

Picture courtesy of Media Matters

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