US Chamber Of Commerce Hires Private Security Firms to Sabotage and Spy

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Corporations in America enjoy protection from Republicans and conservative organizations that lobby to give tax credits for outsourcing American jobs, eliminate regulations that protect Americans, and destroy unions that protect workers. Now, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is using private security companies and lobbying firms to undermine its political opponents and sabotage Unions. The Chamber of Commerce is a trade association that represents the biggest American international corporations and has become a major force in American politics. Although the Chamber is not an elected representative body in the government, they are exerting influence on both political parties to eliminate corporate tax and regulations, and to reduce the American workforce to the income level of Chinese peasants and slave labor reminiscent of plantations in pre-Civil War America.

Recently, ThinkProgress has reported that the Chamber hired a set of private security firms (Team Themis) to develop tactics that will damage progressive groups and labor unions as well as U.S. Chamber Watch, the SEIU, Think Progress, and The Chamber of Commerce’s goal is to launch a campaign to discredit their opponents by releasing private data including sensitive financial and personal family information in hopes of silencing Chamber critics. The Chamber was investigated for soliciting donations from foreign corporations to run Republican attack ads during the midterm campaign season, and participated in secret fundraising meetings presided over by America’s dictators, the Koch Brothers.

The Chamber of Commerce is an anti-American group that conducts dirty campaigns for the biggest corporations and banking entities in America. They have furnished large sums of money to kill financial and health care reform as well as the EPA, and continue to support efforts to discredit global climate change scientists. The Chamber’s website contains lists of regulatory agencies that they claim are damaging American corporations’ ability to conduct business. The Chamber’s president, Tom Donohue is unapologetic about the Chamber’s goal of aiding American corporations to outsource  jobs to China, Korea, and India because there are no environmental regulations and wages are on average about 18 cents an hour.

It is not surprising that the Chamber has stooped to dirty tricks and spying on its opponents to discredit them. The progressive groups being targeted have exposed the Chamber’s efforts at allowing foreign countries and businesses to influence elections for the sole purpose of electing candidates that will do the bidding of corporations and particularly to destroy regulatory agencies. The Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision that allows corporations to donate unrestricted amounts of foreign money to elect representatives who are shills for Koch Industries opened the door for the Chamber’s un-American activities.

The Chamber is learning that the American people are not as easily manipulated as Republicans and conservatives in the government. Chamber president Donohue has made the rounds on conservative talk shows to promote the benefits of sending Americans’ jobs to China, India, and Korea, and each appearance features him extolling the virtues of sending jobs overseas. There is no doubt that corporations benefit from sending jobs to countries where the average wage is a dollar a day, or where manufacturing waste is poured into drinking water supplies and the air. It also makes sense for the Chamber to buy politicians who will eliminate regulations and destroy unions in America to further enrich the wealthy. The Chamber is aligned with Koch Industries in their attempts to stop health care reform, the EPA, and consumer’s ability to sue businesses whose products kill and injure customers. The Chamber’s website has sections devoted to tort reform as a benefit to business, but the real goal is to deny consumers compensation for damages from unsafe products. When the Chamber’s Republican puppets eliminate all regulations, taxes, consumer and environmental protections, they will have served their purpose and the Chamber will eliminate them.

If the Chamber of Commerce truly believed their policies could stand on their own, they would not have to hire lobbyists to undermine their political opponents. Obviously the Chamber’s president feels the level of stupidity that voters display when they elect candidates that send American jobs overseas is on the decline. Perhaps Americans are realizing that the Chamber’s puppets in the Republican Party have been complicit in outsourcing jobs and question the wisdom of supporting organizations that are destroying the middle class.

Americans will not continue to support politicians and organizations that are responsible for destroying the American dream forever. As the income disparity continues to grow and corporations continue destroying the American way of life, free people who are starving will make a stand like the people of Egypt have done this past couple of weeks. This should be a message for Republicans who do the Chamber of Commerce’s bidding, and for President Obama who seeks the Chamber’s counsel on how best to eliminate Social Security entitlements for Americans. The President still needs to clarify to the American people the Constitutional role of the Chamber of Commerce in governance of the country.  It is possible that the Chamber’s lobbyists and private security spies found incriminating evidence against the President’s family, but it seems unlikely.

The Chamber of Commerce has done nothing to help Americans, and they are unapologetic in their efforts to change our democratic form of government into a corporatist plutocracy. Their stated goal is to work to ensure that corporations thrive at the expense of consumers and the government. Their work with Koch Industries, The Supreme Court, and foreign governments to eliminate democracy in favor of oligarchy at the expense of worker’s rights and environmental responsibility is reprehensible. Now they are attempting to sabotage their political opponents with personal, financial, and family information gathered by private security companies. It is obvious they sense that Americans who have lost their jobs to outsourcing finally understand who is responsible for taking away their ability to provide a decent life for their families, so they are resorting to dirty tricks to discredit the organizations that are exposing their machinations.

Americans will not sit by forever and allow corporations to destroy the American dream with the help of Republicans or the Chamber of Commerce who control them. When the majority of Americans live below the poverty level, corporations and businesses will have no customers who can buy their products, and the Chamber of Commerce will have outlived its usefulness. One can only hope that Americans do not allow the Chamber or Republicans the opportunity to completely destroy the middle class, the government, or the American way of life. If the Chamber of Commerce is allowed to continue its current path, America is doomed and no lobbyists, watchdog groups, or president will prevent our destruction. It appears that Americans can take a valuable lesson from the people of Egypt; is our government listening?

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