2011 CPAC Proves The Republicans Have No Job Solutions

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The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is an annual gathering of concerned conservatives. It is always a bellwether of the state of the conservative movement in general, and the American Conservative Union specifically, according to chairman of CPAC David Keene. CPAC started on February 10 and runs through today in Washington D.C.. Speakers ranged from Rep. Michelle Bachmann to Texas Governor Rick Perry and potential 2012 Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

Each speaker tossed the red meat to their base of teapartiers and crimson red supporters.  Some spoke on how poorly Obama is doing and how they all have a plan to move our Country forward.

The official agenda of CPAC  ranged from:

1.Using School Choice and Homeschools to Grow the Conservative Movement,
2.Getting Started In Hollywood,
3.Traditional Marriage and Society
4.The Left’s Campaign to Reshape the Judiciary.

While all of these items on the official agenda are good topics of conversation and points of interest for the right wing conservatives, one important thing the CPAC organizers left out of the great conservative topics on their agenda is jobs. 

Jobs are the #1 issue on the minds of the American people by 43% , followed by healthcare at 18% and the federal budget at 14% according to CBS news/New York Times poll.  Yet the organizers of this national convergence of conservatives didn’t think it was important enough to set aside time on the agenda for it.

They did however set aside time for, “Are We Superman? Using School Choice and Homeschools to Grow the Conservative Movement.”

Interestingly, I had the opportunity to speak with Tommy Thompson, the former Health and Human Services Secretary under  President George W. Bush, today on a local conservative talk radio show.  I confronted him with this very issue.

 I asked Mr. Thompson why the organizers of CPAC didn’t put the ECONOMY and job creation on the official agenda, yet traditional marriage got special treatment.

He replied with the typical Republican mantra of, “the government doesn’t create jobs.”  I then followed up with, “Well that explains why the Republicans in the House of Representatives have not introduced a bill regarding the a plan to get the economy moving forward.” 

It has been over thirty days since the GOP took control of the House and they have managed to bring to the floor multiple bills, including re-defining rape to repealing  health insurance reform.  Not one plan regarding job creation.

Our country is still in the midst of high unemployment, and the only issue that the organizers of the national conservative movement didn’t set aside to have a meeting about was the economy.

It’s going to be a long two years with these people in control.  Voters’ remorse yet?

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