Mubarak Steps Down and Fox News Calls the American People Marxist

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On America’s News HQ today Fox News set the stage for their reaction to Mubarak’s decision to step down by proclaiming by supporting freedom, that American people have gone Marxist. Fox contributor, Michael Scheuer said, “Americans seem to be increasingly Marxist in their absolute faith in democracy for people who have never had any experience with the process.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After playing a clip of Newt Gingrich calling Obama’s handling of Egypt a Jimmy Carteresque disaster, Fox News contributor Michael Scheuer said, “Oh, I think the Speaker was right, and what’s very interesting about the Egypt situation is both parties, the President, and the American people are cheering on a disaster for America. There’s no chance for a secular democracy in Egypt. That congressman that was on previously is really not a very intelligent fellow. What follows Mubarak if he goes, and if Suleiman goes, will be a government much less friendly to the United States, and much influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Scheuer then claimed that supporting democracy and freedom is Marxist, so the American people are now Marxist because they support freedom for the Egyptian people, “So it’s just a very funny situation, Mike, Americans seem to be increasingly Marxist in their absolute faith in democracy for people who have never had any experience with the process, so I think you know Panetta made a little mistake yesterday, but generally speaking, the whole tenor of both parties is causing the destruction of American interests in Egypt.”

According to Fox News, the American people have now gone Marxist because they want the Egyptian people to be out from under the thumb of a dictator. Democratic freedom is now Marxism. It doesn’t matter to them that America only wants the Egyptian people to have the same freedoms that we enjoy here, and that democracy is the political system that best allows for individual and collective liberty and freedom.

If cheering for democracy in a country that has no experience with it makes one a Marxist, then before there was even a Marx, the founding fathers were Marxist, because America didn’t have any experience with democracy either when our country began. Does Fox News think that the Declaration of Independence is a Marxist document? If so, Tea Party hero Thomas Jefferson authored the Declaration, so he must be a Marxist too.

No can be certain what the future holds for Egypt, but celebrating freedom is not an act of Marxism. What’s happening here is Fox News is so desperate to frame the departure of Mubarak as a loss for Obama that they have made the foolish argument that supporting the desire for freedom and self-determination is Marxism. This is not a disaster for Obama. Instead, he events in Egypt are a repudiation of the Bush Doctrine. This is an historic victory for freedom and popular will, and no invasion or military force was required.

The nations that made up the former USSR had little experience with democracy when the Cold War ended but Fox doesn’t refer the Republican support for freedom there as Marxist. This is all about partisan politics, and selling the false premise that by supporting the protesters in Egypt, Obama has jeopardized the safety of the American people.

A more rational look at future Egypt/US relations should consider that US aid makes up 25% of Egypt’s military budget, and that aid is predicated on peace with Israel, so America’s interests in Egypt are likely to be maintained. However, you won’t hear this little bit of logic on Fox News. They are too busy trying to slander a Democratic president by equating freedom to Marxism to be bothered with facts.

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