GOP Faux Patriots Target Police and Fire Departments for Budget Cuts

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Republicans in the House are on a rampage to eliminate at least 60 federal programs and drastically cut back hundreds of others as part of their promise to slash $100 billion from the federal budget. The Republican caucus met in a closed-door session of rank and file members to add across-the-board cuts to the targeted reductions spelled out earlier in the week.

The cuts are a blow to middle class and poor families as well as jeopardizing everything from food safety to law enforcement.  The Republicans’ budget cuts are sure to set off a contentious battle between newly elected conservatives and the White House.

The budget cuts originally targeted education, the environment, food safety, and law enforcement that are crucial to American’s quality of life and future growth, but do not include defense spending or subsidies to the oil industry and corporations. The Republican cuts appear to be meant to kill jobs and poor people. Of special concern are Republicans’ intentions on cutting Social Security through cuts in benefits or privatization as a means of controlling spending. Social Security does not count in budgetary matters, but Republicans are continuing their lies that the program is an entitlement that is adding to the national debt. It is unbelievable that any working American thinks that Social Security is an entitlement when every wage earner pays in to the system before they can draw any benefits.

The list of budget cuts Republicans are proposing is a wish list for conservatives who will not consider government giveaways to oil companies who are making record profits, or the bloated defense budget. At the top of Republicans’ budget cuts are the Environmental Protection Agency and the total elimination of a high-speed rail program that will create jobs and reduce America’s dependence on oil. Republicans will not allow any program to continue that reduces oil consumption because the oil industry gods the Koch Brothers will not permit it any more than they will permit the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions or clean air and water. In fact, besides the EPA cuts, Republicans propose cutting Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Clean Coal Technology and any other program that threatens to reduce oil consumption.

There are 70 spending cuts targeting everything from federal, state, and local law enforcement, food safety inspections, the IRS, Department of Treasury, Arts programs, and public radio, education and the Food and Drug Administration. Anyone making a perusal of the spending cuts list will quickly notice that every regulatory agency is on the chopping block as a nod to America’s advancement toward corporatism. As Republicans have promised, they are cutting programs for the poor like community health centers, maternal and child health grants, family planning, National Institute for Health, and HUD community development funding as well as job training programs, mental health services and poison control centers. Republicans have even targeted law enforcement because the oil industry does not benefit from money used to combat crime.

The House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers announced the spending cuts, and said that they will “significantly reduce the massive increases in discretionary spending enacted in the last several years by a Democrat majority.” Rogers continued that, “These cuts are real and will impact every District across the country – including my own.  As I have often said, every dollar we cut has a constituency, an industry, an association, and individual citizens who will disagree with us. But we will respond to the millions of Americans who have called on this Congress to rein in spending to help our economy grow and our businesses create jobs.” Rogers is a filthy liar. His list does not include any cuts to defense, corporate tax breaks, or the oil industry. The budget cuts only affect poor and working class Americans and will certainly not create jobs. Cutting health services, law enforcement, and education will cut jobs and any American who believes otherwise is a fool.

Cutting police and fire department funding will not create jobs and Republicans are counting on gullible Fox News viewers to support those cuts. The IRS collects tax owed to the government and cutting the IRS budget will not create jobs any more than cutting funding to Planned Parenthood will create jobs.

Americans expect the government to guarantee safe food and drugs as well as clean air and safe air travel, but Republicans are cutting those programs claiming that unsafe food, drugs and air travel creates jobs. At least Republicans have been consistent in lying to the American people and treating them like the stupid voters they are. Any American who believes cutting law enforcement or education will create jobs deserves to be victimized by an uneducated criminal.

Americans want fiscal responsibility in government, but they also deserve honesty from their politicians. Republicans took control of the House by lying to the American people with promises to create jobs and help move the economy forward. Instead of creating jobs, their budget cuts guarantees job losses across all sectors at the same time diminishing the safety of our food, drugs, air and water, as well as deepening our dependence on oil.

Republicans’ proposed budget cuts ensure that the poverty level will grow and corporations will increase their stranglehold on the wealth in America. The Republican budget cuts guarantee that America will soon overtake Egypt with one of the highest poverty rates in the industrialized world. When Americans are desperate, they will react like the protesters in Egypt, except in America, demonstrators will not use sticks and rocks because every citizen has a firearm. They will remember which party sent them into abject poverty and eliminated their jobs so the oil industry can keep their billions in subsidies. Americans deserve better than Republican leadership and the job killing cuts they are proposing. Republicans better hope there will be law enforcement officials left to protect them from sick, poverty stricken citizens who have no jobs; they are going to need protection.

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