Republicans Shove America Toward Talibanesque Theocracy

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Focus on the Family

Since Republicans have been in control of the House, they have not fulfilled their promise to create jobs or work on economic issues for the American people. What they have done is launch an assault on a woman’s right to choose and voted unsuccessfully to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act that was signed into law last year. Now, voters are being called on by the activist wing of Focus on the Family to pressure Republican lawmakers to take drastic steps to further their goal of installing theocratic laws in violation of the Constitution.

CitizenLink is a policy and advocacy arm of Focus on the Family, and they laid out a list of demands for Republican legislators to implement instead of working on economic issues like they promised voters in the midterm elections. Focus on the Family is a Christian ministry that dictates to its members and Conservatives how they should live their lives in accordance with the bible as outlined by Focus on the Family. The group’s dogma states that only those who follow God’s design for marriage, sex, and family values are worthy of inclusion in America, and any deviation is outside of God’s purpose for a happy and rewarding life.

The group’s goals they demand Republicans pass include a variety of anti-choice bills meant to halt any federal funding for abortion services. Republicans are going beyond limiting abortion funding by attempting to eliminate income tax deductions for health plans that include abortion coverage whether or not the plan is used, or if the individual pays for an abortion privately. The group also demands that Republicans eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health services like contraceptives, health screening, pregnancy, pre-natal care, STDs, and birth control counseling. Planned Parenthood serves men and women, but low-income families are given priority because they are least likely to have health insurance. The organization is more concerned with preventing unwanted pregnancies than with providing abortions, but Focus on the Family never discusses that part of PP’s function.

Focus on the Family’s list of demands also includes reinstating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that Congress recently repealed because Focus on the Family believes that federal law should affirm their belief that homosexuality is incompatible with military service. In fact, Focus on the Family finds homosexuality incompatible with every facet of life and on their site there are 82 pages of links devoted to illuminating the myriad dangers, sins, and abominable aspects of homosexuality. The organization feels that allowing gays to have any freedom is tantamount to infringing on Christians’ right to exercise their freedom of religion and speech.

Focus on the Family’s most hideous demand is proof that their bible-based hatred of gays encourages them to inflict physical pain or death on the LGBT community. The fourth item on CitizenLink’s petition to Republican leaders says, “Defend the free exercise of religion and speech by rejecting the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and repealing the Hate Crimes bill passed in 2009.” Focus on the Family is not out of the mainstream Christian mindset that advocates for discriminating against members of the gay community. Fanatical Christian extremists like Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and many other legislators support banning gays from teaching in public schools or adopting children. It is not a stretch to imagine Christians banning gays from any type of employment if they thought they could get away with it.

It is, however, unimaginable that Christians think perpetrating hate crimes against gays violates their free exercise of religion and speech. Obviously, Focus on the Family wants Christians to kill or injure gays with impunity as part of their religious freedom. It is interesting, because in the Christian bible, Jesus never commanded his followers to exercise religious freedom by killing homosexuals, or anyone for that matter. But that is the depth of depravity that Focus on the Family has sunk to. They have set themselves up as a god figure and demand that Republicans legitimize their violence against gays.

Focus on the Family also demands that the Obama Administration uphold and defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that was rendered unconstitutional in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Christians must not understand that in America, the judiciary decides the constitutionality of a law; not the president, congress, or Focus on the Family. Regardless of the Constitution’s rules for governance and procedures, Tom Minnery, the head of CitizenLink called on the House Oversight Committee led by the criminal Darrell Issa (R-CA) to investigate the Department of Justice for their handling of the successful challenges to DOMA.

It seems there is no stopping Christians from attempting to restructure America into a Theocracy, and nothing to stop them from influencing Republicans and social conservatives in congress. Their belief that exercising religious freedom gives them the right to discriminate and perpetrate violence against the LGBT community is exactly the same as the Taliban and every bit as barbaric. That Republicans are doing their bidding furthers many Americans’ belief that conservatives detest equality for all Americans that the Constitution guarantees, and their rejection of the legislative process proves they are un-American.

There are many Americans who dismiss radical Christian extremists as harmless, and see Focus on the Family as good for promoting morality and family values. However, the values that Focus on the Family espouses are little more than legitimizing discrimination and violence against gays and women. There is nothing in Focus on the Family’s petition that hold men accountable for bad behavior like rape or incest. They also abhor abortion and demand that women carry every pregnancy to term, but they oppose aid for unwed mothers or wellness programs for infants.

If Americans do not oppose Christian organizations like Focus on the Family and continue allowing them to control Republicans and social conservatives, our country will become a Theocracy. When theocratic rule is established, the Ten Commandments will supplant the Constitution and gays will be summarily exterminated, women will be subjugated as slaves, and a Crusade and Inquisition will begin to exterminate non-believers. It may sound impossible, but the Afghan people probably thought Taliban rule was impossible until the killing started. America is nearly there.

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