Late Night Snack: Elmo Talks to Michelle Obama About Healthy Habits -Video

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Elmo and the First Lady talk about healthy habits

And now for your moment of zen, the First Lady talks to Elmo about healthy habits. I know this is a departure from our usual cute animal videos, but Elmo and the First Lady are equally good for a moment of zenful joy. I mean, Sesame Street and our wonderful First Lady! Hello. This is from 2009 and deserves a relook.

Sesame Street: Michelle Obama and Elmo – Healthy Habits by

And just as an aside, a friend of mine told me that her little boy asked her yesterday why Kermit the Frog was no longer on Sesame Street as a regular, wondering if he (like Keith Olbermann) had contract negotiation problems with Sesame Street. OK, seriously, how cute is that? And in case Sesame Street is listening, I vote for Kermie every day.

And more good news, Gabby Giffords can speak now! What an amazing fighter she is!!!!! She’s going to take her seat back one day much sooner than we thought. She’s a true hero, and her husband is a wonderful role model in forgiveness, love, support and tolerance. Those are some family values I can get behind. Way to go, Gabby!

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