Old FOX News Chain Email Strike Back

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You all are no doubt aware of those nasty little anti-liberal emails that make the rounds, and you might remember back to mid-2010 when a rumor was going around that MoveOn.org and the SEIU (Service Employee International Union) wanted to ban the American flag in schools. Well, it’s making the rounds again. It was a FOX News creation of course. Probably your coworkers have sent it to you by now if it didn’t make the rounds last year; conservatives whispering salaciously amongst themselves, scandalized by what horrible things liberals are up to. It’s almost as good for them as sex.

It was sent to me yesterday with the note, “this isn’t true, is it?”

No. It’s not. Let’s look at this example of FOX News fear-mongering again. Here is the text of the email:


Go to FOX

and vote NO on banning the American flag in

America VOTE !!!

This is disgusting, to put it mildly. Your voice needs to be heard.

This is just sickening. Only 76.15% have voted on the FOX poll to NOT ban the flag in

school and something like 18.0% voted  YES, to ban it

What is going on in this country?? Read below.

Fox is running a poll about whether the flag should be

banned in schools in order not to inflame Hispanic students. The poll is being sandbagged

by SEIU and we should mount a counter action if you agree with me

that the flag should be taken down for no one.

Moveon.org, funded by George Soros, Organizing for America, and SEIU, ”Service

Employee International UNION”, have been twittering today to go to Fox Poll and vote to BAN the Flag

and right now it is still working (18%).

It’s time to




HERE NOW: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2010/05/06/american-flag-banned-america/

VOTE………and then pass it along

Of course it’s fiction. SEIU has addressed the lie on its website. You can see their response here.

I got an email saying SEIU, MoveOn.org and Organizing for America have been asking people to vote in a Fox News Poll to ban the flag! Is it true?

No. First of all, that’s ridiculous. We would never encourage people to vote to ban the American flag. The email is very much like the infamous “Barack Obama is a Muslim” emails pushed around during the presidential campaign.

We also don’t often drive traffic to Fox’s website either, so that should have been a red flag as well.

The entire episode was inspired by a story (on FOX News of course) about children being sent home from school for wearing the American flag on their t-shirts because it was Cinco de Mayo and the school felt white students showing up wearing the American flag was “incendiary.” The principal, of course, was a Latina herself.

It should be obvious that an isolated incident like this, which the local school district immediately began investigating, is not part of some pan-liberal plot to ban the American flag. Leave it to FOX News to pretend it is. Leave it to dedicated FOX News viewers to believe it.

MoveOn.org, like SEIU,  denied the allegations. Moreover, there was no evidence that any such move was ever afoot. But of course, evidence is no impediment to FOX News; why should the absence of evidence be any different? Reality is what FOX News says it is and the Republican base is only too happy to believe and send ridiculous emails like this around to stir up the fear and anger. Damn those brown people! Don’t they know their place?

So there you go again. Sorry to dredge up the past. Like the President, I’d prefer, and probably most liberals would prefer, to move forward and fight new battles than old, but as long as the enemy spreads lies we have an obligation to refute them.

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