Lila Rose Palinizes Her Meaningless Planned Parenthood Sting

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Lila Rose is deliberately morphing into Sarah Palin

Lila Rose Palinizes Her Meaningless Planned Parenthood Sting

Yes, Lila Rose who “investigated” (aka, attempted to entrap) Planned Parenthood for condoning underage sex trafficking was made a fool of when it was revealed that her dress up time as an underage prostitute had gone to naught, since Planned Parenthood had already reported her and her “pimp” to the FBI. Don’t worry, those crazy kids at Fox still reported it as if it were legitimate, giving the angry Tea Partiers more foaming rage at the evil liberals who obviously don’t care about underage sex or salacious sex scandals wherein the Right dresses up their young female activists as prostitutes again and again and again. No judgments!

But wait! If you thought this was over, honey, it ain’t even begun. Being a conservative “activist” who is buddies with ACORN fraudster and now arrested O’Keefe, Lila is prone to self-pity and victimization. She is also prone to making literally no sense while denying reality. To wit, I give you Lila’s Palin moment courtesy of Media Matters:

“The latest stop in Rose’s press junket: an interview with the Breitbart media empire’s token liberal, Lee Stranahan. Things went swimmingly for the first half of the interview, with Stranahan lobbing softballs and Rose bunting them back with ease — but then Stranahan had to ask about the letter Planned Parenthood wrote to AG Eric Holder alerting him to the existence of a possible sex trafficking ring.

Since Rose’s whole case rests on the demonstrably false claim that Planned Parenthood tried to cover up sex trafficking instead of reporting it to the authorities, surely this letter means she has no case?
Here’s Rose’s utterly nonsensical response:

ROSE: What Planned Parenthood has done is try to spike Live Action’s story, and try to cover up their cover up by confusing and muddling the matter and getting the FBI in this absurd letter to look into Live Action, or to kind of implicate Live Action as somehow, you know, needing– Live Action needing to be investigated. So what they’re doing is what they do classically, what they’ve been doing over the past four years, which is instead of addressing the institutional cover up in their clinic, instead of addressing that, instead of– instead of resolving that, they turn to us as the investigative team, or they turn against the, you know, the people that are trying to spread this message and get people aware, and they attack us. So this is just– This is just another example of how Planned Parenthood’s sexual abuse cover up and aiding and abetting of human trafficking is top down.”

Ah, yes. The dreamy Palinese word salad that simultaneously denies reality whilst also providing a platform for martyrdom – well done, Lila Rose!

Ms Rose has learned well from her mentors. She repeats her version of reality in the face of empirical evidence to the contrary and then offers up a classic dish of projection about Planned Parenthood coming after her and her “investigative” team (and the Iraq, too) because they are avoiding culpability in…….nothing.

Who is going to tell Lila that the FBI wouldn’t be investigating her if she hadn’t played dress up as an underage prostitute and tried to entrap Planned Parenthood? Oh, shucks. Let her ride with this. She clearly doesn’t understand that she brought this on herself and that the FBI thought they were investigating a real sex trafficker and not some creepy stalker whose underage prostitution fetish is slowly overtaking her purported anti-choice values.

But Lila shouldn’t lose faith! If she keeps this up, I can so see some 95 year old GOPer picking her as his running mate in 2040. Might I suggest that a pair of librarian glasses would assist Lila in her duty bound path to morph into Sarah Palin?

Pimps, underage girls and sex traffickers galore, oh my! Add a cross, a word salad and a martyr and our day is done here. That’s how the right rolls, baby.

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