Sarah Palin Baffles America With New Accusations of Obama Socialism

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As if Sarah Palin’s weekend comments on Egypt weren’t confusing enough, Palin appeared on Fox Business to tell the American people, or the five Americans who watch Fox Business, that Obama isn’t really moving to the center. He is moving America towards Socialism. Palin said Obama needs to get away, “from his far left policies that are going to lead to some European-style socialist agenda that is going to destroy the economy.”
The one thing that emerged from Palin’s Fox Business appearance is that she now thinks that she is some kind of presidential medium. She believes that she can see into the psyche of President Obama and she is going to reveal his true motivations to America.

Psychic Palin, I hope I didn’t just give her another marketing idea, isn’t buying President Obama’s move to the center, “It is a little strange he doesn’t understand the need to move from the far left, economically speaking, to the center, where the American public expects him to be in order to get the economy moving again. He could pretend he’s moving to the center, but has no desire to.”

Either Palin watched a different interview will Bill O’Reilly yesterday than the rest of us or her psychotic, I mean psychic intuition allowed her to see the truth, “He just said that to Bill O’Reilly. It’s not good for anybody in our country to hear our President obstinately denying the need to move to the center away from his far left policies that are going to lead to some European-style socialist agenda that is going to destroy the economy. It’s a shame; it’s a lost opportunity. He needs to go to the center and do what works and that is get back to free market, economic principles.”

It is interesting to hear Sarah Palin call for Obama to move to the center, when she wouldn’t know the political center if it whacked her upside the head with a 2X4. The name Sarah Palin itself a synonym for divisive political partisanship, so it is a little hard to believe that a woman who spends all of her time appealing to the most outlandish far right fringes of our political system is serious when she calls upon President Obama to move to the center.

I would like to know exactly what recent policies of Obama’s since the 2010 electiuons would she say are leading us down the path to socialism? Would it be the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%? Would it be the bipartisan repeal of DADT? How about the ratification of the START treaty, which help the nation continue to monitor and account for nuclear materials that could fall into the hands of a terrorist? Which of these policies is socialism? The truth is that the intentions of far left policies that she has assigned to Obama are largely a figment of her own paranoid delusions.

Palin’s whole FBN appearance was a train wreck. Watch Palin call for pension reform, but at the same time claim that existing retirees should keep their benefits. Palin wants to cut off new enrollees, but in the next breath, she states that, “A pension is a promise.”

Earlier today when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about Palin’s criticism of Obama’s handling of Egypt, he said, “I read that answer several times, and I still really don’t know what she’s saying.” Don’t feel bad Gibbs, I don’t think she knows what she is saying either, but she is hoping that her half-baked ramblings and shadowing of the Ghost of Reagan will be enough to get her the nomination in 2012, and who knows? If the Republican field is weak enough, it just might work.

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