The Limited Intellect of Reagan Conservatives Threatens America

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Palin Reagan

For Americans who lived through the Reagan era, the past couple of days have been a nightmare revisited listening to the accolades heaped on the Republican icon. Ronald Reagan epitomizes all that is wrong with America today, and after hearing Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney praise Reagan as the savior of the world, one has to wonder if they really believe the lies they are disseminating. Palin could only have been a teenager during Reagan’s presidency, so her only recollection can be from the revisionist history books she has read. Cheney though, lived and worked in Republican Administrations that continued the corporatist laissez- faire attitude that has without doubt damaged America and has the audacity to promote Reagan’s policies as good for America.

During Reagan’s presidency, the middle class destruction began in earnest and the meme that government is the enemy of the people gained a foothold that groups like the Tea Party and neo-cons are pushing with renewed vigor today. Palin has latched on to the myth that America prospered during Reagan’s presidency regardless that history tells a different story. America languished for 8 years under Reagan’s push toward plutocracy at the direction of his advisors in the financial industry, but Palin was too busy going from college to college in search of an easy degree to have noticed. She should have noticed that George W. Bush presided over 8 years of economic downturn by following the lead of Reagan and his destructive economic policy. In fact, the similarities between the Bush and Reagan economic policies are frightening and should be a warning to intelligent human beings. But then again, no-one has accused Sarah Palin of being intelligent.

Dick Cheney has never made any pretense that he is anything other than a war monger or corporatist bent on fortifying the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. Everyone knows that Cheney is devious and is in favor of big government that works for big business and he has been unapologetic. At least the man has integrity of conscience.

Palin may have difficulties reading history, but she was a partial politician during Bush’s failed economic policies that mirrored Reaganomics and nearly caused a world-wide depression. Bush’s presidency increased the size of government like Reagan did and gave unfunded tax cuts as well as a Medicare prescription program that was also unfunded. Part of the national debt America is wallowing in is the result of Reaganomics that Bush continued, and Palin is campaigning to return to the same policies. Sarah Palin may have memory problems, but most Americans are not cognitively challenged, and even if they are, they have memories.

On Saturday Palin gave a speech that was part testimonial to the greatness of Ronald Reagan and part campaign speech for the 2012 presidential election. Palin’s supporters must suffer from the same memory loss she does because they cheer for a return to the days when the rich get richer and the middle class faces extinction under the policies of Bush and Reagan. However, for millions of Americans who have lost their jobs to outsourcing and watched corporate wealth and influence grow without an end in sight, returning to Reagan’s economic policies is a nightmare that is only 3 years old.

What is it that makes conservatives want to return to failed policies that are proven job killers? It is completely understandable that low intellect types like Sarah Palin wants to return to a mythological time that never existed, but it seems unlikely that all of her supporters are as stupid as she is. Even if her supporters are not among Americans who lost their jobs, homes, health insurance, or savings under the Bush/Reagan economic policies that favor the wealthy, they must be aware that the country cannot sustain itself by borrowing to subsidize the wealthy and corporations.

Obviously, not all Americans remember Ronald Reagan’s presidency or the disastrous policies that set the country back economically, or the record unemployment he helped create, but it has only been 3 years since the Bush presidency repeated the same mistakes Reagan committed. Deregulation, unfunded tax cuts, increased size of government, and corporate malfeasance were hallmarks of both Reagan and Bush Administrations, and there is Sarah Palin campaigning to return to those failed policies.

Ronald Reagan suffered from legitimate cognitive degeneration and George W. Bush was too focused on being a warrior president to make thoughtful policy decisions. Reagan made fatal errors that George W. Bush should have learned from, but his arrogance and ego prevented him from learning from the mistakes of those who preceded him. Palin on the other hand, has recent history to learn from and still insists that failure is something to repeat again and again. Reagan had a severe brain malfunction that his handlers took advantage of and nearly broke the country along the way. Although Sarah Palin may not have Alzheimer’s disease, she has a brain disorder that renders her incapable of learning from others’ mistakes. She is encouraged by the same people who manipulated Ronald Reagan because they know well how easy it is to control a dim-witted individual that cannot learn or will not remember even the simplest lessons.

America will not withstand another round of Reagan or Bush economic policy decisions, and no amount of revisionist history will change the fact that both of those men nearly bankrupted America. Palin has proven her lack of intellectual acuity every time she opens her mouth, and her arrogance restricts her from learning from others’ mistakes. Most Americans who lived through the Bush and Reagan years are aware of the danger of returning to failed economic policies and will reject going back down the road to destruction. Palin though, like the dog that returns to its vomit, keeps going back to the well because she has nothing intelligent to say. Like all B-movie actors, she will keep on parroting tired lines in hopes some poor saps will support her. The problem for Palin is that unlike Ronald Reagan, she does not have the brains or the savvy to reach B-level status. She does share the limited intellectual capacity that all conservatives who long to return to failed economic policies of Reagan and Bush have, and therein is the danger.

Americans must learn from the mistakes of the past or we are in for a feedback loop of despair with the stupid leading the way. Americans cannot withstand more conservative policies like Reagan and Bush put us through regardless the myth that Palin is perpetuating about Reagan. She may not remember 3 years ago, but most Americans cannot forget the despair the policies she is trying to resurrect brought; because most Americans are much smarter than Sarah Palin.

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