For Rep. Bobby Franklin of Georgia, Rape Isn’t a Crime

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Bobby Franklin: Proudly Protecting the Rights of Rapists in Georgia

Do you remember that old George Carlin joke about political correctness, that a plane crash would become an “unfavorable ground-air interaction” or that a rape victim would become an “unwilling sperm recipient”?

We’ve almost gotten to that point, but it’s worse. Georgia Republican state Rep. Bobby Franklin has decided that there is no such thing as a rape victim. He has introduced a bill “to be entitled” (it should be called the “anti-women bill”) which states:

To amend Titles 16 and 17 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to criminal law and criminal procedure, respectively, so as to change the term “victim” to the term
“accuser” in the context of a number of statutes making reference to circumstances where there has not yet been a criminal conviction; to provide for related matters; to repeal
conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

You can have burglary victims and assault victims but if he has his way, rape victims will become “accusers” because, you know, a man is innocent until he is proven guilty. At least where rape is concerned.

It is difficult to grasp the extent of this Republican war on women. It is Rape is a horrific crime. It is a crime overwhelmingly committed by men against women. Republicans aren’t trying to legislate assaults and burglaries or fraud out of existence as crimes. The guilt or innocence of the accused is not an issue there. So why is it an issue in rape?

You still have a victim. She has still been raped, just as an assault victim has still been assaulted. But we don’t want to hurt a rapist’s feelings by suggesting he might have committed a crime by forcing sex on somebody. No, we can’t have that.

I respectfully suggest to Bobby Franklin that he get himself over to the local prison ASAP and experience rape so that he may be better informed to speak upon the subject. I humbly submit that his views on the matter may change drastically and for the better.

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