As a 2012 Candidate Sarah Palin Promises to Hide From the Media

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Sarah Palin sat down for one of her few interviews with the “media” after after giving the keynote speech at the Reagan 100 Celebration Opening. Palin chose the friendly media outlet of the Brody Files on the Christian Broadcasting Network to announce that the mainstream media is irrelevant and that if she runs for President, she will continue doing what she is doing now. In other words, Palin is going to keep hiding from the press if she runs for President and she will continue lobbing pre-emptive strikes against the media in case they even think about reporting something negative about her.

Here is the video courtesy of CBN News/The Brody File

Brody asked Palin if there was anything that she would do differently if she ran in 2012. She answered, “I would continue on the same course of not really caring what other people say about me or worrying about the things that they make up, but having that thick skin and a steel spine, knowing that what is needed in America are those things that Ronald Reagan did espouse and what he lived and not worrying about what the critics are going to say about me or my family or what it is that I stand for. Because I do believe, David, that there are more commonsense conservative Americans on our side on the issues that we stand for than there are those who oppose the idea of individualism and God given liberty and opportunity to work hard and to progress according to our own work ethic and our own merits. I would continue to believe that there are more who are believers in those values than there are not, so I would continue down that same path.”

Sigh. Again with the logorrhea word salad. Basically he asked her what she would do differently and she said nothing. She would keep on doing what she’s doing, only she misrepresented what she’s doing.

She suggests that she doesn’t care what people say about her, but as her Blood Libel video proved, Sarah Palin cares very much what people say about her. Palin claims to have thick skin, but she has made it clear through her two books of personal vendettas against anyone she feels has ever wronged her (even unintentionally) that she stores up these grudges and nurses them with the special care of someone who expects reverence from the people and can’t tolerate dissent.

Palin then buttresses her plan to continue banging her head against a brick wall by claiming that more people agree with her than don’t, in spite of the polls which show that the majority of Americans have a negative feeling about Palin and do not want her to be anywhere near the White House. She ignores reality here and also manages to divide Americans once again, by suggesting that anyone who doesn’t agree with her values is not a hard working individual with ethics and if they don’t agree with her, they must not value liberty.

The politics of division took Palin far, so it’s no wonder that she continues down this road. But what she doesn’t understand, and what no one seems to be able to get through to her, is that national elections are not the same as local elections. What worked for her in Wasilla and Alaska won’t work for her on the national stage. Americans don’t elect people who run on negativity like Palin does. It’s just that simple. And since she continues to slam more than half of the population, Americans don’t trust her.

A large component of the same path that Palin is talking about involves avoiding the media, so Palin made it clear that she thinks the media is irrelevant.

Palin said, “I think much of the mainstream media is already becoming so irrelevant because there is not balance. There is, in many cases, David, there is not truth coming out of the mainstream media and I know that first hand. I live it everyday. And what would give me great joy is if what would become irrelevant is just the untruthful the misreporting out there. I want the mainstream media, and I’ve said this for a couple of years now, I want to help ‘em. I have a journalism degree, that is what I studied. I understand that this cornerstone of our democracy is a free press, is sound journalism. I want to help them build back their reputation and allow Americans to be able to trust what it is that they are reporting. We’re so far from being able to trust what so many of the mainstream media personalities, characters, feed the American public that it scares me for our country. What would give me great joy is what would become irrelevant is the misreporting that comes out of the mainstream media.”

Palin is offering to help the mainstream media report the truth. Coming from someone who has blocked the press even as a mayor of a small town, this is too rich with irony to take seriously. Not only does Palin work for a mainstream media outlet that is known for its bias and inaccuracies and financial ties to her party, but Palin has misrepresented herself at every turn. During the 2008 campaign, Palin tried to force the McCain campaign to lie about her not having healthcare coverage when she did have it and in addition, tried to coerce them into lying about her husband’s membership in the secessionist AIP.

Palin is once again trying to smear the mainstream media in an attempt to discredit them in the event that they report something accurately about her. Lucky for her, they rarely do more than serve as her stenographers. When she misrepresented herself as cleared in Troopergate, the media reported that she had been cleared when in fact, she was found guilty by the non-partisan committee and the only reason the second committee couldn’t reach a decision is because Todd and others refused to respond to the subpoenae issued. The failure to comply with a subpoena may cause an individual or MCG to be held in contempt of court and subject them to possible penalties of a fine and/or imprisonment. Of course, none of this happened to Todd Palin. I hardly call that cleared.

Palin is actually admitting that she will continue to hide from the media no matter what. She will continue her unilateral communication with the fourth estate while claiming to be a common sense constitutional conservative who values freedom. If Palin values freedom and liberty, she would be willing to face interviews from the press. Everyone else does it.

Palin obviously feels the press has been unkind to her, but in truth, the press has given her a free pass. She has been able to spread mistruths, in accuracies and flat out lies without ever having to answer for them due to the way she has cowed the media. She’s played them brilliantly and she has them right where she wanted them. They’ve also allowed her to smear and libel various individuals without ever following up on whether or not her accusations have an ounce of veracity.

The one thing she didn’t count on, however, was that the GOP old guard might not continue with their behind the scenes support of her in the face of her falling poll numbers. They know she’s unelectable in a general election. The GOP deals with problems like Sarah Palin behind closed doors, with whisper campaigns and subtle cues that she is no longer protected by the big daddies running the show. If they want her gone, she can expect the media to suddenly start reporting things about her that will make her wish she was back in 2009, when she had it easy. The GOP needed her and used her in 2010, because someone like Palin can be a great fund-raiser and get out the vote motivator in regional and state elections. But someone as divisive as Palin is poison in a general election.

It’s amazing that Palin doesn’t know this. She has thrown away a career that could have taken her to the White House based on her charm alone, had she not shown herself to be so unwilling to study and learn about issues she is obviously uninformed about. Luckily for America, she insisted on being front and center in the last year and half and as America got to know the real Sarah Palin, they realized that they didn’t like her very much. She has nothing but bitter criticism of the current administration, which reads more like sour grapes of a bad loser than legitimate criticism, primarily because she never offers a solution.

Sarah Palin is America’s back seat driver who has managed for several years to humiliat1e and cow the press while she issues pronouncements from on high and then whines about how they are perceived. The fact that she plans to keep on doing the same thing if she runs for President is both shameful for this country and a comfort. While she makes fools of the press and shows how low our standards are, at the same time, she is making herself irrelevant with each misstep.

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