Jimmy Carter Finds Out It’s Illegal to Hurt an Israeli’s Feelings

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We’ve seen some extreme pro-Israel positions from America’s right-wing (and not just the lunatic fringe) but suing Jimmy Carter for $5 million for doing just that – criticizing Israel – seems a bit absurd even by modern standards.

It’s amazing how unpopular an evangelical Christian can be when he’s not a Republican, and not fawning over Israel.

What were you thinking, Jimmy? You should have put an Israeli flag in your office like the Mama Grizzly.

The elder statesman, Noble Prize-winning former President sinned egregiously when he wrote Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid back in 2006.

In an interview on Amazon.com (where the book can now be purchased new for $8.52, President Carter was asked about the use of the term apartheid. Unsurprisingly, people were critical of his choice of words:

Q: Your use of the term “apartheid” has been a lightning rod in the response to your book. Could you explain your choice? Were you surprised by the reaction?
A: The book is about Palestine, the occupied territories, and not about Israel. Forced segregation in the West Bank and terrible oppression of the Palestinians create a situation accurately described by the word. I made it plain in the text that this abuse is not based on racism, but on the desire of a minority of Israelis to confiscate and colonize Palestinian land. This violates the basic humanitarian premises on which the nation of Israel was founded. My surprise is that most critics of the book have ignored the facts about Palestinian persecution and its proposals for future peace and resorted to personal attacks on the author. No one could visit the occupied territories and deny that the book is accurate.

Accurate, schamccurate. Key word there, accurate. Accuracy isn’t what these people want, not where Israel is concerned. Not where the Palestinians are concerned.

Jimmy Carter is being sued – a class action suit – because he said mean things about Israel. Mean things. We can’t criticize the United States when the Republicans are in charge and we can’t criticize Israel, like…ever.

The suit, Unterberg et al v. Jimmy Carter et al, was filed yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by five angry readers – two of them dual citizens of the U.S. and Israel.

As Raw Story reports,

The lawsuit, filed in New York by an Israeli firm, alleges that the book “contained numerous false and knowingly misleading statements intended to promote the author’s agenda of anti-Israel propaganda and to deceive the reading public instead of presenting accurate information as advertised.”

Gosh, isn’t that what the Republican Party does 24/7, 365? To say nothing of FOX News. Why aren’t they being sued? They’re actually guilty, after all. They say mean things all the time. Mean, untrue things.

The plaintiffs alleged in a press release that the 39th US president and Nobel Peace Prize winner “violated the law and, thus, harmed those who purchased the book” by unfairly “attacking Israel.”

A reader harmed by a book? Egads, put it down! Put it down! This is probably the same crowd who won’t turn the channel if they don’t like a song or what’s on TV. They’d rather sue.

The complaint charges,

Plaintiffs and others who bought the book did so in reliance on Defendants’ representations that the events and agreements which are the subject of the book were described accurately, fully and fairly as they actually occurred. In truth, however, the book is filled with demonstrable falsehoods, omissions, and knowing misrepresentations intended to promote Carter’s agenda of anti-Israel propaganda, rather than a true and accurate picture of all matters and events described in the book.

They charge Jimmy Carter with having a “deceptive agenda” (again, this sounds a lot like the pro-Israel-at-any-cost lobby) and that Simon and Schuster, the publisher, refused to change things to say what the pro-Israel-at-any-cost lobby wants (gee, maybe they’re on to something…can we do this to FOX News or the GOP or the Tea Party?)

Plaintiffs bring this action to challenge Defendants’ actions in deceiving the public by promoting and selling this Book as a factually accurate account in all regards of the events its purports to depict, rather than truthfully and accurately promoting and selling it as the anti-Israel screed that it is, intentionally presenting untrue and inaccurate accounts of historically recorded events, as witnesses to and participants in such events pointedly have come forward to declare.

Simon & Schuster rightly call it a “chilling attack on free speech that we intend to defend vigorously” but I think maybe we need to convince them to take a hit on this one and pay the $5 million so we can go ahead and turn this around on them. Maybe we can take up a collection for a legal defense fund for that purpose and pay it for Jimmy and the publisher. If this is all it takes to be sued, then we can financially ruin America’s conservatives overnight.

This is the best part, folks, and try not to laugh as you read this, given the source, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs:

“The lawsuit will expose all the falsehoods and misrepresentations in Carter’s book and prove that his hatred of Israel has led him to commit this fraud on the public. He is entitled to his opinions but deceptions and lies have no place in works of history.”

This gives me all kinds of good ideas. I’m going to start making my list of who to sue tonight, before bed. You all do the same and we’ll meet back here and work out the details.

You listening Republicans and Tea Partiers? You listening Israel? If Carter loses, and if Beck and Coulter and Palin and Ingraham and all those others are paying attention, they’ll quick pull their books from the shelves, cancel their TV and radio shows, and never touch pen to paper again – like…ever.

Because we’ll be watching…and feeling…harmed. Take the hit, Jimmy, and save America.

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