John McCain Announces That He Won’t Be Endorsing Sarah Palin In 2012

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In what has to be a crushing blow to her 2012 GOP primary hopes. Sarah Palin’s 2008 running mate Sen. John McCain has announced that he won’t be endorsing anyone in the 2012 Republican primary. McCain told Politico, “I think I’m staying out of this for the first time in many years.” If there is one contender who was counting on McCain’s endorsement, it is Sarah Palin.

Politico asked McCain about a 2012 endorsement in the Republican primary and he said, “I think I’m staying out of this for the first time in many years. McCain followed up by saying that he would most likely stay out of the race completely. McCain has always been careful to publicly praise Palin, but he has always stopped short of endorsing her.

In a November 2010 appearance on CNN’s State of the Union McCain compared Palin to Ronald Reagan, “I think that anybody who has the visibility that Sarah has is obviously going to have some divisiveness. I remember that a guy named Ronald Reagan used to be viewed by some as divisive.” That sounds really good, but the problem is that when McCain has been asked about his support for Palin he has cut and run from a woman that he was once willing to put a senior citizen’s heartbeat away from the presidency.

On example of this came when McCain appeared on Meet The Press in 2009. When asked about supporting Palin, McCain said, “”I’d like to see her compete. I think we’ve got some very good candidates: Jon Huntsman and-the problem when I run down these names, I always leave, leave out a, a name-Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty. There’s, there’s so many. There’s a lot of good, fresh talent out there. On specifically supporting Palin, he said, “Oh, I’d have to see who the candidates are and, and what the situation is at the time. But have no doubt of my respect, admiration and love for Sarah and her family.”

During his 2010 reelection campaign, Palin went to Arizona and tried to convince voters that McCain was down with the Tea Party, “I want to clear the air right now, in respect to the Tea Party movement, a beautiful movement. You know what? Everyone here today supporting John McCain, we are all a part of that Tea Party movement.” Palin campaigned for McCain in 2010 because she was expecting McCain’s endorsement in 2012, but in this case John McCain’s actions speak louder than the kind words that he has said publicly about Sarah Palin.

If the man who selected her to be his vice president in 2008 will not endorse her presidential campaign during the Republican primaries in 2012, it speaks volumes about McCain’s true feelings on Sarah Palin’s competence and electability. It should also give Republican primary voters even more doubts about Palin’s ability to handle the job of being president. Sarah Palin’s strategy for the 2010 midterms was to use her endorsements to get a slate of candidates elected who would owe their loyalty and endorsements to her in 2012.

This plan failed miserably as Republican candidates used Palin’s endorsement to win their primaries and then ran away from her in the general election contests. Candidates who Palin directly helped like Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller flat out refused to endorse her for 2012, and this was before the infamous blood libel video, the other problem for Palin is that her high profile candidates, like O’Donnell and Miller, lost. Instead of showcasing her political muscle, 2010 exposed the limitations of Sarah Palin’s popularity.

It is fitting that McCain would use Palin to help him in his 2010 primary then dump her ahead of 2012. After all this is the same woman who has used the fame gained by her failed vice presidential run to earn millions of dollars and become a reality TV star. Palin is also the same person who tried to steal McCain’s moment on Election Night in 2008 by attempting to give her own concession speech. John McCain has done plenty for Sarah Palin. He owes her nothing. She would still be an unknown Alaska governor without him.

Maybe it is just the optimist in me, but I would like to view this as McCain doing his part to undo his unleashing of Sarah Palin on the American people. John McCain created this monster, and he owes it to America to send her back to where she came from.

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