Kings Also Paid No Taxes, the GOP Dream

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Republican Ryan's Plan for Prosperity Doesn't Include Middle Class

The big boy on campus is Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin.

Middle class families in the United States are struggling, but that doesn’t seem to matter too much to Rep. Ryan or any of the other “cons” in leadership.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been named the ranking member for the house budget committee and has laid his plan for America here.  His plan is called “A road map to America’s future”. 

The real name for it should be the road map to further kill the middle class.  In his budget proposal, it includes a tax plan.  A plan that is supposed to bring economic prosperity to America.

Below is a chart explaining the taxes under the GOP plan. 

Prepared by Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP)  Tax model March 2010

According to this chart, the bottom 80% of us will see an INCREASE in TAXES by 4.6% , while the top 10% of income earners, those making between 127K and more will see a tax cut. 

On top of all this, if you make 460K+ a year your taxes are going down by 15%. 

 If you make 20K and less a year your taxes went UP 12%.

The GOP leaders and their billionaire donors do not believe people who work for them should make a living in this country which is why our jobs leave to China.

They also believe YOU should pay higher taxes to subsidize their tax cuts.

This is what we elected this past year.  VOTERS’ REMORSE anyone.  We are getting shafted here in middle America.

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