Bill O’Reilly Blows A Gasket Because Al-Jazeera Is Not Fair and Balanced

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Unintentional hilarity ensued during The O’Reilly Factor when host Bill O’Reilly blew a gasket at guest Alan Colmes during a discussion about Al-Jazeera. O’Reilly flipped his lid because Al-Jazeera is not fair and balanced. O’Reilly screamed at Colmes, “Grasp this!!! This is no counter on it.” Perhaps, Bill-O has forgotten that he works for Fox News.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

During a round table with Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley one of the topics was Sam Donaldson’s praise for Al-Jazeera. O’Reilly said, “Why do you think a guy like Sam Donaldson, and to a less extent Colmes, more Donaldson. Why are they cheerleading Al-Jazeera when look, I could spend a whole hour ladies and gentleman, giving you anti-American, and there isn’t a counter voice on the network, and I was very serious when I said if you stand there in there studio and say Mullah so and so, you’re a hater. You’ll get a bullet right in the head when you walk out there. Nobody’s going to go on that network and take the opposing point of view.”

After Monica Crowley claimed that the far left has an anti-American agenda that dovetails with Al-Jazeera’s reporting. Colmes called O’Reilly and Crowley out on it. O’Reilly tried to back up his point with four specific things that make Al-Jazeera an anti-American, anti-Semitic network. Colmes tried to point out those were people on the network that were guests who weren’t editorializing for the network. In typical righty fashion when O’Reilly couldn’t argue with facts, he started screaming at Alan Colmes,”I’m getting a little mad at you. Grasp this!!!! There is no counter on it!!! You got it? There’s no counter on it!!!” Colmes pointed out that Al-Jazeera was free speech, and O’Reilly replied with, “Yeah, it’s free speech. It’s free speech and it shouldn’t be praised by a pin head like Donaldson.”

Bill O’Reilly is claiming that Al-Jazeera is an anti-American network because there is no counter point of view on it. Well by his own definition then the network that he works for, Fox News, is also an anti-American network because there is no counter point of view on Fox either. The irony is lost on O’Reilly that he is complaining about his perceived bias of another network when he is broadcasting on the most biased television network in America.

No Fox News employee should ever be complaining about the lack of a counter point of view on any other television network on the planet. By O’Reilly’s definition Fox News is also un-American because they actively work against the agenda of the President of the United States every day. Fox News promotes one point of view and misinforms on a daily basis. For example, Monica Crowley’s claim in the video above that the left is un-American.

If a network having balance and a counter point of view is so important to him, I wonder how often O’Reilly urges his Fox News bosses to hire one liberal host? If balance is so important to Bill-O, the unbalanced situation at Fox News must keep him awake tossing and turning in bed until all hours of the night. Bill O’Reilly is a hypocrite for even suggesting that balance matters while he works for Fox News. Bill O’Reilly can scream and yell all he wants, but he can’t avoid the point that by his own definition, Fox News is anti-American.

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