Desperate for Ratings Glenn Beck Warns of Impending Food Riots

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One day soon, those tears might be real

Glenn Beck took his dangerous clown show to the air again today to warn of impending food riots brought to his audience by ACORN like operatives who want to take over the world. Today’s con game went something like this: Egypt is like ACORN and the Muslims are coming and there isn’t enough food and stay out of debt and save your food if you want to save the Republic!

Oh, laugh at your own peril my friend. But Glenn has the evidence! Of course, like any good con, you can’t get all the info in one sitting. No, no. In order to find out how to save yourself and who these people are, you must tune in tonight when Glenn Beck gives you the secret code. In other words, as Beck’s ratings desperation escalates, so does his tin foil hattery. Only Beck can save you…buy Goldline…tune in tonight…Please, for the love of God, tune in tonight and save a clown.

From the February 1 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program courtesy of Media Matters:

Buckle up, patriots. This is a bumpy ride. Here we go — I transcribe Beck so you don’t have to:

I’m gonna show you the connections tonight to many groups in America whose stated goal is to create a caliphate.

A caliphate is the spiritual head and temporal ruler of the Islamic state. Glenn Beck is quite the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tea Party Republicans, no? He has rallies that read more like tent revivals and he merges that with his lay politics (for sure) and imposes it upon secular leadership creating a theocracy.

If you remember at the beginning of the 20th century, at first in Germany, the national socialists and the communists were hand in hand, and Goebbels had to go out and say to them and say, this is why the Nazi flag is red. In Goebbels s own hand, there’s not much change. He and Hitler understood there’s not much change between the communists and the national socialists! The only difference was nationalism! The communists wanted one government for the entire world, Germans, the national socialists wanted Germany to be that center to take over the world.

Perhaps Glenn is really warning his audience about himself. Glenn Beck is a caliph of the Muslim Brotherhood masquerading as a Mormon. After all, only he has spiritual and temporal authority over his audience (OK, he shares his audience with Sarah Palin so maybe the AIP is connected to the Muslim brotherhood too….)

They couldn’t get enough communists to come in so they liquidated the communists. Now that’s the history. And I truly believe, you see the evidence, we have the evidence, of the uber left, the anarchists and communists and the socialists, the radicals, sowing the seeds and helping those in Egypt, all they want is more pressure on the United States – this isn’t about the people there, it’s about changing the globe. I really believe they think they will win in the end. Dangerous game you’re playing with billions of lives. A very dangerous game and you need to know the connections and you need to know.This isn’t about Barack Obama. This is so far beyond congress and the next election. This is about our survival.

My god, the evidence is there. Stock up on food, people. Glenn Beck is coming.

The storm I’ve talked about for so long is here.

This is proof, because only he saw the storm and now it’s here. He is the caliph he warns us of. Beck is the insurrection.

The insurrection is here.

Ah ha! See?

What we haven’t done is how this connects to the world. This is a play for the world, this isn’t United States.. I’ll show you the connections tonight so you can see them, so your friends can see them and I don’t care if they believe. You have to ask yourself, what do I do. If I may, if I may just make a suggestion, I’ve told you to prepare yourselves spiritually, temporally –

He’s even using the words of a caliph! He has told them to prepare spiritually and temporally! My god, it’s all so clear now.

–make sure that you are out of debt, etc. etc, please, these food riots, and that’s what these are, food riots, to the average person it is a food riot – they only see I can’t afford food they’re seeing their children and so they are being used by the Muslim brotherhood and the left who make the case, you want Mubarak out right, and don’t forget the enemy is Israel and the United States, well we have your path, we’ll feed you. What is the Muslim brotherhood doing now? They are the chief educator, the chief feeder—

Yes, our chief feeder, sort of like Jesus. Oh, no wait, that would be a good thing and Beck tells us social justice is bad.

They’re operating like ACORN – we have food for you. We have to make sure our neighbors don’t get in that situation where they have to take food from someone else. We must do it yourself. Please, I beg of you, please, if you want to save our republic, please. Food storage—

Food storage? Seriously? If Beck’s Storm is coming, do you really want to survive it? Hmmm.

–Prepare yourself. Be who you were born to be, not who you’ve allowed yourself to become because we’re all busy.

Yes, he really did end it with “we’re all busy.” I expected more of the con artist caliph revival, but perhaps Beck is so desperate to save his sinking TV show that he’s sweating flop tears. So sad. Listening to him dangling tin foil theories about food fights and the Muslim brotherhood coming to get his audience, coyly adding that he will only tell you all you need to know when you tune into this TV show tonight would be pathetic if Beck weren’t such a poison on our culture. Beck is desperate to stay on TV. Radio, after all, isn’t TV.

And maybe Rush Limbaugh makes billions off of radio, but he has a face for radio whereas Glenn has the tears for TV. TV is where the stars are and Beck desperately wants to be a star. So he tells his elderly, vulnerable audience and his mentally unstable listeners that only he can save them, but they must tune in to his show tonight. Please, for the love of the Republic, tune in to Glenn Beck tonight, or else they will be taken forcibly by ACORN food riots!

Beck is certainly dangerous given his craven, willful and deliberate attempts to use fear to drum up an audience for his sinking clown tear show, but I’m afraid he lacks the courage to be a true caliph. After all, Beck gets his audience to carry out the dirty work whilst he hides behind a gated entry to his wonder bread world.

Will the food riot conspiracy save Glenn Beck’s show? Tune in tomorrow.

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