Why Do Extremist Christian Republicans Treat Women Like Property?

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In Saturday’s analysis of the new Republican “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” bill that redefines rape as something other than sex without permission, there was confusion as to why it is an assault on women. There was passionate reaction that attempted to frame the issue from a biological standpoint and not a women’s rights issue. Obviously, the original position that women should not be forced to do anything with their body they don’t want to fell on bible-drunk ears. The article was not about whether a fetus is a baby (it is NOT), but about Christo-Republicans’ attempts at controlling women.

It is a modern phenomenon to call a fetus a human being. Up until the last 100 years or so, newborns were not named or baptized because the infant mortality rate was such that most did not live past birth. It was a fairly standard practice to expect infants to die before they reached 6 months of age, but even that point is not relevant to this discussion. Regardless the passionate fundamentalist Christian arguments, a fetus is not a human being until it breathes. A fetus cannot survive outside of the womb and it is only because of science and medical advancements that infants live past one year. Interestingly, the same Christians who deny scientific evidence of global climate change use science to defend their position that women must be forced to give birth; even if they were raped.

The AFA that sponsors the personhood movement and labels a zygote a human is a Catholic-sponsored organization that supports calling birth control murder because they feel interrupting the fertilization process is akin to murder, and is why Catholics traditionally cannot use any contraceptive devices to prevent conception. The logic is that stopping a sperm cell from fertilizing a woman’s ovary is stopping the creation of life. It is a twisted tactic to produce more adherents for the Catholic church, and if it pleases its members, that is their choice. However, when Christian legislators make laws to force women to carry a fetus to term, it is tyranny.

For the past couple of days, Christians have claimed that women cannot control their own body, and their argument is that a fetus is not a part of a woman’s body; therefore women who have an abortion are murderers. That argument is from a position of bible-induced psychosis, and whether it is examined on its surface or fully researched by experts, it is the stupidest remark a human could possible make. Even if one concedes that a fetus laughs, cries, jokes, discusses quantum physics or just floats in the uterus, it is without question part of a woman’s body. Perhaps the Christo-Crazies who make those statements have never looked at a pregnant female to see the distended stomach where the fetus resides, and unless they believe a stork dropped the full-grown infant in the crib, they know a fetus is part of a woman’s body.

The point of the article was two-fold; first, Christo-Republicans are redefining rape as something other than the accepted norm of having sex with a woman against their will, and second, no man or woman has the right to dictate to a woman how they treat their own body. Several different Christo-Crazies claimed they did not want to control women or tell them what to do with their bodies – except that they had to give birth; even if they were raped. Forcing women to give birth against their will stems from the Christian Stone Age mythological rule book. The same book by the way, that instructs its disciples to refrain from judging others or doing god’s work for him. If it is a sin for a woman to have an abortion, it is between the woman and the Christo-Crazies’ air-fairy.

The Christo-Crazies refer to a fetus as a baby as a ploy meant to dehumanize women who decide to abort their pregnancy. In the local newspaper, there are frequent obituaries that claim still-born fetuses smiled at the parents and laughed at their jokes with “sparking” blue eyes and precious giggles. Of course there is hurt and despair when a young mother miscarries, but that glob of rotting matter did not smile, giggle, or love its parents because it was dead.  Call it a coping mechanism or just wishful thinking, but a miscarriage is the woman’s body rejecting the fetus that is, after all, a parasite on the mother. Without the mother, the fetus does not exist. The mother however, can exist without the fetus and live a normal lifespan of 70 to 80 years.

This whole discussion is ridiculous because it is a woman’s decision whether to give birth or not. No man, woman, Republican, or Democrat has the right to tell a woman what to do with their body. It doesn’t matter if the argument comes from the bible, folklore, or Christo-Republicans in congress. Republicans can redefine as many terms as they like and Christo-Crazies can cite scripture and invoke their air-fairy as often as they like; women do not have to succumb to the wishes of anyone. The Christo-Republicans and their supporters are worse than fundamentalist Muslim extremists because at least the extremist Muslims have integrity of purpose and are up front about their anger and outrage. Christo-Crazies on the other hand, smile sweetly, praise peace and love, then condemn women to little more than slave-status and demand obedience without question.

It is disheartening that women are still treated as property by Christians in Congress and the general population. It is a mystery why any woman votes for Christo-Republicans who hate them and dictate how they treat their own body, or tell them to allow a man to impregnate them. The issue is simple; no-one has the right to tell a woman what they can or cannot do with their own body! Christo-Crazies can say a fetus is not part of a woman’s body or that a fetus can explain quantum physics, but those arguments are nonsense. It is good to quote President Obama when he said, “Just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.” Religious fanatics do not understand that women have choices because they do not want to understand, and decent human beings are sick and tired of Christo-Crazies telling women to be subservient. If they want to return to the Stone Age and beat their women with clubs, then go; but leave 21st century women alone or their will be a reckoning they cannot possibly fathom and it will not come from Jeezo or any other air-fairy. It will come from secular man and it will not be pleasant.

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