Saturday Night Live Mocks Michele Bachmann’s SOTU Response

Jan 30 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

This week’s Saturday Night Live opened with a funny send up of Michele Bachmann’s attempted Tea Party response to the State of the Union, watch as Michele looks at the wrong camera and suffers a wide variety of technical difficulties, and prop malfunctions.

Here is the video from NBC:

After numerous jokes about Bachmann’s visual aids and technical problems, the best joke came at the conclusion, “So let me just conclude by saying I realize how much the American people are sacrificing during these troubled economic times. We Republicans get it, and we want you to know we’re doing some belt tightening of our own. For example, this presentation you just saw was done on reduced budget. I’m not kidding. We didn’t even hire a professional director, seriously, or a trained graphic designer, and here’s something else my makeup was done by a child. As God as my witness, she’s five years old.”

I have been reading and hearing a ton of excuses from the right as to why other people are to blame for the visual disaster that was Bachmann’s Tea Party Express response to the State of the Union. The consensus seems to be that Bachmann spent the entire address looking into the webcam, not the pool camera. It wasn’t a CNN camera, it was a pool cam. Why in the world were the cameras in two different places? They knew the address was being simulcast on television, so why weren’t both cameras in the same location?

Bachmann and the Tea Party Express made sure that they got a transcript of her remarks out to the media early in the day, so I find it hard to believe that they didn’t rehearse her response. Her response was so poorly done on a technical level that it deserved to be mocked by SNL. Any message that Bachmann may have been trying to convey to the American people was lost on viewers who sat there watching her and asking themselves, “What in hell is she looking at?”

This was a funny take on it by SNL, and by making the opening of Saturday Night Live, Michele Bachmann has taken her first steps towards being a national Republican joke on par with Sarah Palin.

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