No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act Changes The Definition of Rape

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John Boehner said last week that eliminating federal funding for abortions is one of the Republicans highest priorities and right on schedule, Representative Chris Smith (R-N.J.) introduced a bill to stop the government from using taxpayer money to pay for abortions. The bill, “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” contains a provision that will rewrite the rules to radically change the definition of rape and incest. Under the federal rules in place since 1976, the only reason federal funds can be used for an abortion is in the case of rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

The rape exemption, under the new rules, will only be allowed in the case of forcible rape that Republicans are making harder to prove with new language to end the exemption all together. The new Republican majority is also including language in the bill that rewrites the definition of incest to further restrict abortions.

Republicans are also redefining rape so that statutory rape and date rape are not covered because under the new definitions, force is not a factor. What that means is if a 48-year-old-man impregnates an eleven-year-old girl, and is convicted of statutory rape, no Federal funds can be used to abort the pregnancy because the man did not “forcibly” rape the child. It is inconceivable that Republicans could be so heartless, but it gets worse.

If the eleven-year-old girl’s parents have a tax-exempt health savings plan, the parents would not be allowed to use their own money to pay to have the pregnancy aborted. Tax-exempt health savings are accounts that individuals pay into for pre-tax considerations, and can use the funds for any health issue that may come up. There is no federal money involved; it is a case where Republicans are dictating to individuals what they can use their own money for. Also under the Republican’s bill, the parents could not deduct as a medical expense any money they spend on aborting the child’s pregnancy; even if they pay cash out-of-pocket.

The anti-abortion crowd is pressuring Republican legislators into eliminating any reason for abortion whether Federal funds are used or not. A case of date-rape where a woman or girl is drugged and unconscious and raped is not considered rape because there was no force used; because they were incapacitated. The men who are making these laws apparently don’t think a woman can say no to sex, and want them physically assaulted before it is called rape. The language of the bill also doesn’t consider a case to be rape if the woman has limited mental capacity.

One of the co-chairs of the congressional pro-choice caucus, Representative Diana DeGette (D-Colo), said that, “The bill goes far beyond current law,” and that the re-definition of the rape exception “is only one element of an extreme bill.” Pro-abortion rights groups think the bill is a means of ending private health insurance coverage for abortion, and that the bill will have a dramatic effect on women, which is an understatement.

These forced-birth Republicans are using their religion to control women, and by redefining rape, have set women’s rights back generations. Redefining rape is a direct assault on all women, and a form of tyranny that rivals extremist Islam. By redefining rape to eliminate exemptions and control health insurance coverage, Republicans are dictating how citizens spend their own money. It is hypocritical of Republicans who want to repeal the health care mandate because it says all Americans must carry health insurance, but are telling women they cannot spend their own money to pay for abortions or carry a health insurance policy that includes abortion coverage whether they use the policy for an abortion or not.

The question for the hypocrites and bible-thumpers is; who are tyrants and who is stealing liberty? The Christian legislature is depriving women of their freedom to not be raped, and is imposing tyrannical rules on women. Christo-Republicans are not going to pay for the bastard’s health care, education, schooling or any of the financial burdens the raped woman will face for the 18 years she is responsible for the bastard.

The next step for forced-birth Christo-Republicans is to eliminate the exemption in case of the mother’s health. Will they claim that the woman has already lived 20, 30, or 40 years so it is acceptable to let the woman die to give the fetus an opportunity to live? Christo-Republicans will dictate which life is worth saving if they have the chance; especially if the fetus is male. It sounds extreme, but it is not far-fetched based on the misogynists in Congress and churches that hold women in such low esteem.

The Constitution forbids using religious dogma to make laws, but Christo-Republicans have as little regard for the Constitution as they do for women. Now that Christo-Republicans have a Supreme Court Justice who decided the Constitution does not guarantee equal rights for women, things will only get worse and the misogynists will ratchet up their tyranny against women.

According to the law, rape is one person having sex with another person against their will. Republicans who suck money and support from bible-thumping misogynists want to change the definition so a man can impregnate a woman with impunity and the woman must give birth to the bastard. Americans were outraged when Serbians conducted ethnic cleansing in Bosnia by raping women, and in fact, the global community intervened in Bosnia to stop the ethnic cleansing by rape and America played a key role in stopping the practice.

Now Republicans are condoning forced-birth and punishing the victims by changing the definition of rape. One can only wonder; if a Christo-Republican discovered their 11-year-old mentally-disabled daughter was raped, would they call it non-rape and force the child to have the bastard? Based on the Christo-Republicans’ hypocrisy, they would not. They would simply redefine a word to fit their purpose, and then go back to their tyranny against women. It is after all, the Christo-Republican way.


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