Keith Olbermann Live Tweets State of the Union Address

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Keith Olbermann Live Tweets SOTU

Keith Olbermann Live Tweets the State of the Union Address

He might not be on MSNBC anymore, but we’re not going to be deprived of Keith’s commentary on the State of the Union Address, courtesy of Twitter – the great equalizer and way to speak directly to the people. Ironically, we can thank Sarah Palin USA for showing us the way via Twitter, except Keith doesn’t make up words on Twitter and then pretend to have mistyped. Oh, and “that woman’s an idiot.”

Here we go, starting off pre-game. Keith Olbermann says:

OK, The Senate has begun its march across the Rotunda towards the Chamber, so there’s no chance this damned thing’ll get cancelled #SOTU

Just saw high school wrestler Sen. Franken wildly gesticulating with right arm, next to Sen. Paul. No harm, no foul #SOTU

Kerry, McCain, Lieberman just entered Chamber together. With his announcement, golly, who’ll be running for Lieberman’s seat? #SOTU

POTUS departs White House #SOTU

Little known Pop Culture reference: Sen. Ben Nelson was indeed the model for Stimpy of “Ren And Stimpy” #SOTU

Just received my advance copy of #SOTU -unfortunately I bought a copy at 3:30 from a guy on 57th St along w/the script for The King’s Speech

(Great movie, by the way.)

Word one of #SOTU at least 10 minutes away but full texts of Ryan, Bachmann responses to it already on web #WhatACountry

(Does anyone know why CNN is going with Tea Party response to SOTU via Bachmann? Will they also cover Green Party now? Just askin’.)

POTUS alights from the car at the Capitol #SOTU

Just in case it isn’t obvious, B&W ribbons for Rep. Giffords, Judge Roll, Gabe Zimmerman, Christina-Taylor Green et al #SOTU

Mixed Dem-Rep seating makes it easier for POTUS to point and shout “I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!” #SOTU

Tip to Sec. Geithner. If you’d like attention, handshakes, etc, don’t be the one walking behind the truly popular Sec. Clinton #SOTU

Very bizarre to see a Senator who beat me on Jeopardy (Franken) and a Congressman I sit with at Mets games (Engel) at #SOTU

Bipartisan seating has the Sen. DeMint who applauded the Tea Party next to the Sen. DeMint who sold out the Tea Party #SOTU

(Would have paid to have been able to hear that live)

@lovefromgirl 2004. One of the categories was “Prime Time Presidents” about SNL sketches. Al wrote four of them. Sigh.

POTUS is in the house. Quick cutaway of Boehner crying? #SOTU

And Rep. Engel got his handshake and photo-op. Another Christmas card in the books. #SOTU

If the Justices aren’t wearing them, I suppose it makes sense for the POTUS to not wear the “Giffords ribbon” too #SOTU

If POTUS starts with “Since you all have a copy of this already, let’s all read it together,” I’ll give him $50 #SOTU

Official @FOKNewsChannel start time 9:11:30 ET #SOTU

(Oh! Another one I would have paid good money to hear live. Of course, if he were on MSNBC right now, he wouldn’t be saying that…this is getting fun.)

With bipartisan seating, wondering how many will unintentionally stand up, or forget to, because of who’s sitting next to them. #SOTU

C-SPAN coverage clean, good, but: RT @marcambinder Must say:’s enhanced SOTU feature is cool.

Example of coolness? POTUS quote from RFK illustrated by picture of RFK, quote #SOTU

Google and Facebook got one clap #SOTU

Irony alert: “this is our Sputnik moment” “we’ll fund the Apollo Projects of our time” while NASA and Space sink slowly into the past #SOTU

POTUS call for cutting oil subsidies will be answered in the evening’s 3rd #SOTU rebuttal, by The Shell Answer Man

It’s not just the winner of the Super Bowl that needs to be celebrated, but the winner of the science fair.” He just lost GB+Pitts. #SOTU

Told ya the seating would confuse them. Everybody stood on rewarding teachers except Sen. Sessions from Keebler Tree #sotu

If you watch C-SPAN you will not be distracted by either the VP or the Speaker – tight shot of POTUS #sotu

(or be giving MSNBC viewers….)

I’m not sure the joke line about TSA patdowns is funny to those who’ve had one or suffered the delays as POTUS thinks it is #sotu

(I’ve been patted down and scanned and I guess I got lucky because it wasn’t a big deal….)

Straighten your ribbon, Mr. Speaker #sotu

@timmyhendrix Are you stoned or is it just the picture?

Gently, firmly but without shouting “You Lie” at Boehner, POTUS just pwned GOP on ‘health care reform repeal ritual” #sotu

(Don’t worry, Keith, we all shouted it for POTUS.)

Oh, here we go: Cuts for stuff that doesn’t blow things up #sotu

References to Facebook + Google got more applause than 5-year freeze on discretionary non-security spending #LeadBalloon #sotu

@drudgejunkie Hey, Junkie: Only members of House & Senate are. Supreme Court Justices aren’t. Chief Justice Roberts isn’t.

(No one takes on the conservatives on Twitter like Keith…I remember him schooling a Palin fan — nothing left.)

So with lower corp tax rates, Health Care tort reform, and spending freezes, what is the GOP response? “Didn’t like his tie”? #sotu

Keith Retweeted BorowitzReport: This speech is so long, Keith #Olbermann could have left three networks by now. Zing. #SOTU

And replied: @BorowitzReport (raspberry)

Response to earmark veto: Reps & Sens looked like passengers who start to stand as flight is called then hear “now seating Row 1″ #sotu

Retweeted PaulRieckhoff: Maybe some of that gov’t space would make good transitional housing for the thousands of homeless vets sleeping on the streets. #SOTU

Retweeted James Poniewozik: Kudos to guest WH speechwriter Jackie Mason for that smoked salmon joke. He’s still got it!

Wonder if Cong. Steve King (R-Paranoia) stood when POTUS said “American muslims are part of our family.” #sotu

Just checked: Teddy Roosevelt included story of catching salmon w/his teeth +smoking it with a magnifying glass in his 1903 message #sotu

Retweeting BorowitzReport: If this speech goes on for another hour, it will qualify as a Special Comment. @KeithOlbermann #twitterwar #SOTU

And responding: @BorowitzReport I see you’re letting your boy write for you tonight #twitterwar #SOTU


‘Headlines’ of #sotu always fade. What may last from this one: inclusion of Muslims in American family + LGBT in American military

Retweets shannynmoore: BTW, here’s a picture of my smoked salmon drying. THIS is what you do with it! #SOTU #salmon #FOK #yum

Boehner tear time exactly 10:09:30 – I won the pool! #sotu #ShootingSalmonInABarrel

And when the miners emerged, strangely, they all wanted smoked salmon #sotu

We just crossed the hour mark. Filibuster Reform NOW #sotu

9:11:30 to 10:12:57. Official #FOKNewsChannel time of game: 1:01:27

Enthusiastic, well-delivered speech w/more inspiration than policy + much of policy clanged to the floor like a knocked-over soda can #sotu

And now everybody go fry up some #salmon while we wait for the #sotu Replies by Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann, Derek Jeter + Oprah

End of Olbermann Tweets.

I have to say, Keith’s tweets were hysterical. How does this compare to last year’s MSNBC’s coverage of the State of the Union was anchored by Keith Olbermann with Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow?

Here’s Keith in 2010:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And who can forget Keith’s “My God, he’s still talking!” break-in during Scott Brown’s acceptance speech just a week later? We’re going to miss Keith’s on air commentary – but his tweets had the ring of freedom.

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