Glenn Beck’s Big Plot to Bring Down CNN: Hire Keith Olbermann

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On his radio show today Glenn Beck called Keith Olbermann a pain in the ass, but then seemed to urge CNN to hire Olbermann, “So why not just embrace your opinion or what they think. Let your news be your news. But stop with this nonsense that ‘We’re objective.’” In his mind is Beck trying to destroy CNN by getting them to hire Keith Olbermann?

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck began by claiming that he predicted CNN’s demise, “When I was over at CNN, I said you guys are going to be left in the dust. You’ll be left in the dust because Fox — while the news department doesn’t have any opinion — Sean Hannity has an opinion. Bill O’Reilly has an opinion.”

He then urged CNN to embrace opinion based news, “And you guys claim that you have no opinion or at least that is what you claim. But everybody thinks you have an opinon. So why not just embrace your opinion or what they think. Let your news be your news. But stop with this nonsense that ‘We’re objective.’ Your news can be. It’s not. But it can be.”

He then explained why MSNBC has steamrolled CNN, “But your personalities, just embrace it because somebody is going to pick a side and they are going to steamroll you. And exactly that happened with MSNBC. And MSNBC chose a side which left CNN in this middle ground because they think they have this credibility, but they don’t. They don’t have that credibility. Their news maybe has some credibility. But CNN doesn’t have the credibility of, ‘Well we’re above all that.’ No.”

Let’s stop for a moment and chuckle at the idea that the Fox’s “news department” has no opinion. It has already been proven through leaked emails that Fox News bosses slant news coverage, not opinion shows like Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly, but the news headlines and reports. There is no such thing as a news department at Fox. There is only Fox News.

Of course, Beck proclaimed that Olbermann waas fired because he is a big pain in the ass and Comcast wanted nothing to do with him:

Why would Beck want Olbermann on CNN? The obvious answer is that Olbermann on CNN would split the left leaning cable news audience between two networks. Olbermann would also make CNN appear less objective, and that is something that Fox News would love to see happen. Think of Beck’s rant as being the same as Darth Vader trying to convince Luke Skywalker to come to the dark side. The problem for CNN is that Beck does have some powerful facts on his side. CNN is getting steamrolled by MSNBC. While they are still the go to spot for breaking news, the network’s daily prime time line up is largely ignored by viewers.

This all sounds like one of Beck’s delusional plans/prophecies. Do you think maybe Glenn is still a little bitter that he was such a giant flop on Headline News? Beck wouldn’t be doing this to help Olbermann or CNN. His point of view is probably based on helping Fox News, but he better be careful what he wishes for, because Olbermann on CNN might be able to give O’Reilly and Fox News a little 8 PM competition. If CNN could ever get their act together, Fox wouldn’t be the only big dog on the cable news block.

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