Glenn Beck Still Hasn’t Donated Any Money to Wilmington, Ohio

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Remember Glenn Beck’s charity event in Wilmington, OH last month where Beck charged $125 a ticket in a town with 15.8% unemployment? It has been over a month now, and the charities that had been promised donations would really like to see a check. Glenn Beck’s viewers stepped up to the plate to help Wilmington, but Glenn Beck has yet to follow through.

First the good news, the Wilmington News Journal reported that audience that Beck brought with him from out of town did open their wallets and give, “The Clinton County Foundation (CCF) received between $15,000 and $18,000 in donations during that time, according to Lori Williams, the foundation’s treasurer. Some of those were donated to specific causes like Little Hearts, Big Smiles or the Ho-Ho Shop, Williams said. One $10,000 donation was given to the foundation to be used at its discretion.” A few thousand dollars was raised by an auction and that was donated right away, but the big money of over $100,000 from ticket sales from the taping of Beck’s Fox News program still hasn’t shown up.

Allen Willoughby of Sugartree Ministries said, “I really thought they might give it to us on the show,” he said. But we don’t want to call him up and ask for it. The big thing is we were blessed by the people who came to Wilmington that week and keep coming in. We’ve received so many gifts of food and finances.” Allen, it might not hurt to give them a call, and see what the delay is. Wilmington needs all the help it can get. While it might not matter to Team Beck when the check gets sent, it does matter to those in need that you minister to.

After the Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts ticket scam, it’s a good idea to be skeptical of all the Fox News hosts’ promises of charitable donations. The problem with events like Beck’s, and this is true to a degree for any one off charity event, is that they provide a short term feel good band aid, but they don’t address the deeper problems. These types of events would be effective in the long term if they donated to private education and job programs, which just so happen to be the same types of programs that people like Beck label, “big government.”

It’s a conservative conundrum, Beck doesn’t want the government offering unemployment benefits and jobs, but he doesn’t support private creation of those same programs with his efforts either. I am sure the ministries will put the money to good use, and donating to a local food bank is always a great idea, but giving most of the money to Christian charities who share Beck’s ideology reeks of politicization of a good deed.

We are going to stay on top of this story and keep reminding Glenn Beck that promise is a promise. The people of Wilmington are still in need, and they are still waiting for their money.

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