The First Amendment Bans Civil Rights Says Maryland Hate Group

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Repackaging Hate Maryland Style

There is a new hate group in Maryland – Protect Marriage Maryland. These folks claim that gays and lesbians “hate the lord” and “defy God.” It might come as a surprise to these people but there have been people who enjoyed same sex relationships since long before anyone heard of YHWH, long before anyone wrote down the Ten Commandments. It’s absurd to claim therefore that anyone who is in a same-sex relationship hates God.

Translation: The Constitution Must Go!

These folks have at the outset made clear that their opposition to gay marriage is based solely and completely on religious objections. They say its wrong, so nobody should be able to do it, and the government should enforce their will – in violation of the First Amendment. We have all see the myths spread around by these bigots and they’ve all been proven to be scientifically unfounded. What remains is religion. And that is the one thing the government is not allowed to legislate.

Not that they don’t intend to try. Let’s look at their argument.

Protect Maryland Marriage is a Political Action Committee (PAC) formed to preserve the current Maryland Family Law §2-201 which states that “Only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid in this State.” The following sections go on to state that “A man may not marry his: grandmother; mother; daughter; sister; or granddaughter,” and that “A woman may not marry her: grandfather; father; son; brother; or grandson,” nor may they marry their in-laws, nieces, nephews, or similar family relations by marriage. All of this will be threatened if the marriage law is changed to benefit one small but vocal and well-funded sexual minority.

There is so much wrong with this paragraph that it’s hard to know where to begin. Marriage is not under attack. There is no campaign to promote incestuous unions. On the other hand, there is a move to allow marriages between same-sex couples. This is a civil rights issue. It has nothing to do with incest.

And then there is the claim that there is some “well-funded” gay agenda. The only group that’s well funded are the Christian fundamentalists who oppose granting equal rights to all. Of course, these same fundamentalists are, as always, playing the victim of the scenario.

We believe there is value in preserving the traditional definition of marriage, and that efforts to change this definition do violence to the family structure and the reality that children do best when raised in a stable family with the love, attention, and physical presence of their biological mother and father.

You have the right to that belief. You have the right to refuse to marry somebody of the same sex. However, whatever your beliefs may be, they are not backed up by any sort of empirical evidence.

We believe that the current marriage law enshrines this reality. While some families may not always be able to provide such opportunities to every child, keeping the current law is the best way to respect the natural family, the rights of a biological mother and father to be able to raise their own children, to educate their children and teach them their own religious values–not the religious values of the state–and to provide the model for an ideal family for children to be raised in.

This is just silly. “Teach them their own religious values…” Yes, of course you may do that. There is no move afoot to have the state take over this job. That would be a violation of the First Amendment. Now granted, you folks are all about using the state and the federal government to enforce YOUR religious values on others, aren’t you? The government is not – should not be – promoting religion. To the extend that it is at all, what is being promoted is the Christian religion.

We are a non-partisan group composed of many faiths, different races, and all types of citizens who are concerned for the future of our state, our country, and our world being threatened by those who seek to force moral, law-abiding citizens to embrace or accept behavior that most of us find contrary to the tenets of our deepest religious & philosophical beliefs.

Guess what? Not everyone agrees with you. This is a modern liberal democracy, founded on ideals of tolerance and diversity. No one is forcing you to accept or embrace anything. The only thing you are being asked to do is mind your own business and cease forcing your Bronze Age moral code on the rest of the population. Nobody is forcing you to change your own marriage customs. Carry on as usual. Knock yourselves out.

The first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that Congress will not violate our FREEDOM OF RELIGION. We firmly believe that as citizens of Maryland, our state legislature should do the same.

So the First Amendment bans civil rights? That might be the most twisted assertion I’ve ever seen come out of our nation’s Christofascists. The logic is so tortured I’m not sure how they even managed to type this. Shouldn’t heads be exploding?

The First Amendment does not give you the right to force your religion on others, and that is actually what you are insisting on doing here. Nobody is requiring your churches to perform gay marriages, nobody is attacking “traditional” marriage or threatening to make it illegal.

To try to twist the purpose of the First Amendment in this way is shameful and dishonest. What you are demanding is that the government legislate Christianity, which as you just admitted, is a violation of the First Amendment. Care to defend that position?

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